School of electronics

Bgacenter is a licensed training center for over 6 years, engaged in the professional training of tech specialists in phone repair, diagnostics, circuitry and soldering bga motherboards for phones and laptops.
The training center operates on the basis of License №2876 issued by the Education Committee. Therefore, you can get a tax deduction when studying at Bgacenter.
With the rapid development of technology and an increase in the number of gadgets, many electronics repair technicians must constantly improve their skills. Therefore, we train not only beginners, but also already experienced technicians who want to master all the necessary skills to work in this area.

The main tasks of BGAcenter are

- training technicians to repair phones and laptops;
- оbga motherboard soldering training;
- laptop repair training;
- glass plywood training.

Demand for phone and laptop repair technicians is constantly growing, so we are really interested in high-quality education. Our goal is to provide practical knowledge in diagnostics, circuitry and repair skills.
Bgacenter teachers are experienced technicians in an electronics repair service centers. Working in the service, they themselves perform complex repairs of the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook motherboards. Many of them have not only specialized, but also pedagogical education.

Обучение ремонту телефонов

Обучение ремонту телефонов

Bgacenter teachers share professional secrets and instructions on our blog. They also provide support to graduates in private chat and instant messengers.
During training, we provide only modern equipment and software. In addition, we adapt training programs for each student, taking into account the initial level of knowledge, goals and wishes. The time you spend in the courses will be used as efficiently as possible.
Upon successful completion of training programs, Bgacenter graduates receive a standard certificate, which is an official document of education. Having an official certificate gives a great advantage when looking for work in service centers for repairing phones and laptops. Many technicians who have been educated in the training center easily get a job in service centers of repairing phones and laptops, as well as in service centers of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi.
The first lesson at Bgacenter is free. Having visited the first lesson, you can evaluate the modern equipment of the service center, ask any questions to the teachers, evaluate the quality of training and make your decision on the spot.

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