Job at Bgacenter: Administrtor

A phone repair and bga soldering training center is hiring an Administrator

We are looking for a person who is not only well organized himself, but also will help organize the work of the training center for repair of phones and laptops.

About BGAcenter

The BGAсenter is a functioning service center where technicians are trained to carry out all types of repair work to restore laptops and smartphones and solder boards. Our center is outfitted with modern equipment. BGAcenter is the only specialized training center in Russia that operates under a license to conduct educational activities.

Advantages of our training center:

- Focus on developing practical skills. The team of teachers not only fulfills standard techniques with the course participants, but also teaches them to diagnose and identify the faulty node using real-life examples;
- Individual attitude to each student. This is due to the policy of the center, and the fact that groups may include students with different levels of training and repair experience, as well as an initial level of training;
- We also teach theory. Our teachers explain to students the principles of operation of devices, the basics of electronics and radio engineering.

Duties and responsibilities

The administrator of the BGAcenter helps to organize the entire teaching process:

- Maintain a customer database: mark those who enrolled the course, the fact of payment, form groups;
- Fill pages on social networks: publish thematic content, news, announcements about the start of training courses and other information;
- Communicate on social networks: answer questions from those who are interested in courses, as well as collect and pass on feedback from students to management;
- Answer incoming calls to answer customer questions about the schedule, as well as on the subjects of the courses, their features, booking appointments, visiting, payments, etc .;
- Coordinate students: help to find the audience, specify the time of classes, etc. For this purpose, our training service center has a comfortable workplace with all necessary equipment and Internet connection.

Why working with us is great

We offer not only the workplace, but also a number of other advantages:

- Decent pay. We will discuss all the details during the interview;
- Friendly team of professionals. We have selected an excellent company of smart, competent employees, working with whom will be pleasant and easy enough;
- A lot of interesting communication. These are new course participants, and just friendly communication with colleagues;
- Interesting bonuses. You will learn all the details when you come to us for an interview.


- Spoken English is required. We train masters from other countries;
- Punctuality. It is important to arrive on time, because the administrator is our business card, which is judged on the quality of teaching;
- Strong customer service and communication skills. This implies not only the ability to politely answer questions, but also to be able to smooth out conflict situations, help the visitor calm down, and conduct dialogue in a calm manner;
- To have skills of optimization and administration of educational processes and interaction with clients;
- Have a neat appearance. We do not insist on classics, but too extravagant style should be replaced. If you still have questions, you can ask them at the interview. Send us your resume and get ready for a new round of your career.