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Training and practical work with bga chips in the bgacenter training center

Certified masters training course


Choosing where to learn diagnostics and bga soldering, you should pay attention to the company offering educational services. After reading this article, you can avoid meeting with unscrupulous training centers that deceive their customers.

If it is important to protect yourself, read the article to the end.
This is a step-by-step checklist of the educational center. And if you do not care, close the page and do not delve into. There are many other useful activities.


In any case, do not pay in advance. Please note that if you are asked to pay in advance, even before the start of training, most likely your expectations of training will not be met. And the words of the sellers are at odds with the real quality of training.

If you apply to the training center and you are offered not to enter into a contract for training and do not issue a cash receipt, in this case, you risk not only your money, but also your wasted time. And then how will you prove that you paid for the training? And the official document on education, without the contract for training is not valid.

Access restriction

Please note the access to the training center.

There are training centers, where you can not go at any time, without the consent of the administration. In order to get to such centers, it is necessary that the head or administrator applied for a checkpoint and only after that, if your names are on the lists, they will let you through. What do you think is the purpose of restricting access?

Bgacenter is free to enter. At any time, you can come to the BGA soldering training center, see how the training is going and ask questions to teachers or administrators.


Troubleshooting on the board.

Find out what software is used for iPhone and iPad motherboard troubleshooting training. Board diagnostics and troubleshooting is the most important thing in “complex repairs”.

You can meet specialists who teach on pdf schemes.


  • pdf schemes “open” long,
  • they do not show the relationship between the components on the Board,
  • the only reason this is done is to increase the learning time


Equipment and supplies

There is no such thing, professional and non-professional equipment for training. There is equipment where you can learn how to solder, and equipment not designed for this purpose.


Pay attention to what microscopes are used for training. These can be cheap Ya Xun or professional optics specifically designed for soldering, such as Violas.

The main characteristic of the microscope is the focal length. And the bigger it is, the more convenient it is to solder. And therefore more likely to learn how to do the soldering, and not just to pass the time, after spending 3 weeks in optics not designed for bga soldering.

Moreover, cheap Ya Xun severely impair vision. Do you think it will be useful for your eyes to work on such microscopes for a long time?

Content in social networks

We carefully study what useful material is placed in social metworks.

There are 2 categories:

  • there are those who post only selling news. For example, what happy graduates we have);
  • but there are those who post practical tips and instructions for diagnostics and repairs.

Having studied the social network, you will understand what the company is focused on, for sale or to really teach your partners.


It’s simple. If the training center operates without a License, then it violates:

– article 91 of Federal Law No. 273 ” Law on education»,

– article 14.1 of the Code of the Russian Federation on administrative offences.

How to check?

Just go to the website of the Federal service for supervision of education and science, and check by entering the company’s data in the form “Register of licenses”

Unscrupulous training centers mislead their customers already at the stage of a phone call and say that they do not conduct training, but provide consulting services. And in fact, if lectures or practical classes are held on an ongoing basis, this is educational services. Do not let yourself be fooled by incorrect wording.

Why is it important to learn diagnostics and bga soldering in a company that is licensed and operates officially with state accreditation?

Firstly, the company has been tested by various supervisory authorities and meets the standards of the education system.

Secondly, teachers have not only professional education, but also pedagogical.

Thirdly, official documents on education will be a confirmation of your knowledge. And this is also important. If you are the head or owner of a service center, then you are probably thinking that the employees working with you should have official documents.

Stretching learning time

There are training centers that specifically increase the duration of soldering training. But it does not make sense for 3 weeks or more to solder the iPhone boards, which have already been dozens of times before you, soldered and soldered back.

There is an optimal time to learn how to diagnose and solder. It makes no sense to study pdf files for 3 weeks.

Advanteges of Bgacenter

  1. No prepayment. Students pay and sign of the contract only after a free trial session.
  2. Free access to bgacenter from 10:00 to 21:00, every day except Sunday.
  3. Diagnostic training is providing using Zillion X Work (ZXW) and WU XIN JI software.
  4. Training takes place in the service center. A real opportunity to learn how to diagnose and BGA soldering on turn-on phones.
  5. There is support for bgacenter graduates upon completion of their studies. Specialized chat rooms in messengers, where questions are answered not only by teachers of bgacenter, but also by other technicians in diagnostics and soldering.
  6. License No. 2876 for the right to conduct educational activities. There is a step-by-step training system. There are daily tasks for self-training, so training is even more effective. The course program is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the Education Committee of St. Petersburg curriculum.
  7. Training on the diagnosis and repair of motherboards (bga soldering) is carried out by electronics repair engineers.
  8. “Service lab” is a free events for graduates of bgacenter, where you can come and ask teachers any questions use tools and equipment for diagnosis and repair.
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