iPhone diagnostics

Максим Исаев
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iPhone diagnostics

How do I diagnose my phone? What to pay attention to when accepting a phone or tablet for repair, what functions of the device must be checked and what is important to make sure that it works. It is safe to say that this material will be useful:

  • novice masters who get a job in a service center;
  • bgacenter graduates who open their own service immediately after training.

Express diagnostics of the phone is performed at least three times during acceptance and repair:

  1. When the device is taken for repair.
  2. After Troubleshooting.
  3. When issuing a smartphone from repair.

In order to perform verification, you need to ask the client for the screen password or ask the iPhone owner to disable the password on the display.


The material is being finalized and in the near future, the article will be filled with useful recommendations. If you want to learn acceptance faster, training in soldering courses will speed up the learning process.

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