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How do I diagnose my macbook during acceptance at the service center? What should I pay attention to? How do I check my laptop’s performance and what programs are recommended for this purpose? These and other questions are answered in detail in this article. If you don’t have any experience yet, you can take laptop repair training at Bgacenter.


Visual inspection (pallet, cover, display)

Carefully inspect the macbook.  We look at the external condition, the consequence of bumps and falls, careless use. Please note that:

  • The deformation of the casing. Inspect the pallet on the curvature, it is necessary to turn over the laptop and use a ruler. Remember that a deformed case is most likely a bent motherboard and battery. Check how the hinges work. There is a “rule” that The MacBook cover opens with one finger. If the monitor is difficult to open, it is likely that this device has already visited the service center.
  • Dents on the body. Deep scratch. If the MacBook fell on an edge, then there is a mismatch between the sections of the upper cover and the lower part of the device. If you see that the case is damaged and the cover is perfect, it may have been replaced.
  • Screws and their number. If the screw caps are torn off, most likely the mac has already been disassembled, and there may be various “surprises” inside.
  • Sealer (elastic band) around the perimeter of the screen. If you pull the seal, it should not ” come out» easy. If the seal is loose, most likely the screen has already been removed. Carefully inspect the perimeter of the matrix for the presence of glue or sealant.


Passwords that need to be taken from the client for full diagnostics of the MacBook:

  • to log in to macOS (operating system)
  • from firmware
  • from iCloud


Check the battery charging cycles. 1200 battery recharge cycles, after which it is recommended to replace the power source. Any battery pack has physical wear and tear. As a result, the capacity decreases, and the resistance may increase. For a full test, you can download the CoconutBattery program from the App Store. Which will show the capacity, which directly depends on how the MacBook battery holds less charge. If the laptop is more than five years old, a new battery may be installed and it is not always the original one.


To fully check the screen, you need to use the app or check online. You can recommend the free Screen Utility program. We check for artifacts, stripes on the screen, and window memorization. And also carefully inspect the display, setting the brightness to the maximum level, to identify “broken” pixels.


We check the performance of all ports. In the latest models, we also test the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port. 3.5 mm headphone Jack. In a 2015 Apple laptop, if the audio driver is not working properly or is not working correctly, a red led will light up inside the connector.


Check the speakers by turning on music playback at full volume. At the same time, there should be no wheezing or other noises. The speakers should work correctly at different volume levels. Since 2016, the volume in the macbook is slightly higher than in previous models (do not forget about this).

Microphone and camera

The microphone can be checked via Face Time or via Skype. If the screen was replaced, the camera and microphone may not work. You should pay attention to the operation of the green led located next to the camera. Be sure to check the operation of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module. To check the Bluetooth settings, connect the mouse or headphones. MacBook repair is necessary when the device is detected but does not connect. Either it connects and doesn’t work, or it immediately disconnects.


If You are engaged in laptop repair, this material can be used as an instruction. Or as a checklist for Apple macbook diagnostics. It will be useful for both private masters and service centers. If you have any comments or additions, please write below in the special section.

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