Training with employment in the service center

Planning your career in advance is useful. You have more motivation and confidence in the future, when you clearly know where and how you will work. But is it always possible to plan a career at the beginning of study?
An educational institution can help you with this. Bgacenter helps its graduates find jobs. We do everything to ensure that every student who is studying with us has the opportunity to make money with his knowledge and skills.

The principles of the training center

Before describing the approach to training specialists in more detail, we note that Bgacenter is a unique, specialized training center that has a License for educational activities. The particular specialization of our training center allows us to achieve high quality knowledge and skills of future technician masters – graduates of Bgacenter. This is achieved thanks to the following principles of work:

Training with employment in a service center

Training with employment in a service center

- Focus on practice. Theory is given only to the extent necessary for the work. The future technician of telephone repair spends maximum time at training on real equipment. In the learning process, you acquire not only knowledge, but also the necessary practical skills;
- vailability of training. Students can apply for a student loan. As a result, many of them successfully (and ahead of schedule) can repay it immediately after graduation;
- Only practicing teachers. All our teachers have extensive repair experience and they were faced with unusual situations. They are able to demonstrate to students how to repair phones and bga soldering. They help to develop the necessary skills and techniques during the repair of real devices;
- Help in finding a job. The main task that graduates solve after training is finding a job. We are helping to solve this problem for those who have been diligent in studying and have successfully passed certification.

How we help Bgacenter graduates find jobs

We have our own service center, where we employ the best phone repair masters. We are also constantly receiving requests for open positions from other service centers, not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other regions. An official certificate of education is an additional advantage in employment. It is important for many managers and owners of service centers to have an employee with official training documents in their staff.