How to fix Error 4013 on iPhone 5S

Replacing NAND Flash in Bgacenter


A customer brought an iPhone to our service center, the display of which displays a cable icon and an iTunes symbol. This means that 5S is in recovery mode and there is no software.
Using iTunes, we tried to restore the software and as a result we got error 4013.

Error 4013 iPhone 5s most often occurs due to a malfunctioning of NAND Flash. Sometimes a faulty tristar (U2 charge control chip) leads to such an error. In rare cases, a malfunction of the U4 chip may occur with a red screen and a reboot of the device. Then, we reinstalled the iOS in the obviously workable case and with obviously workable original wire. And still error 4013 had occurred.

Microscope Inspection Results

In the next step, we carefully examined the board under a microscope. The results of the inspection are as follows:

  • the Board has not been repaired before,
  • no traces of moisture were found,
  • no cracks were found in the compound,
  • the sleeves are not damaged,
  • NAND Flash is native (the chip is located on the compound).

Then we soldered the protective shield on the back side of the board (side B) using the lower heating TERMOPRO.

Testing with a multimeter in diode mode

Using a multimeter in diode test mode, we checked the U4 power supply circuit for a short circuit. The measurements were carried out on capacitors installed in the power lines PP3V0_NAND and PP1V8.

No short circuit was detected in the tested lines.

NAND Flash replacing

It was decided to replace NAND Flash (U4 chip)

Error 4013 repairing on iPhone 5S

To repair 5S with error 4013 and replace U4, we fixed the board into the board heater.

We cleaned the compound around the chip. Pay attention to the cleaning of the compound next to the U23 backlight chip. It has a glass case and is very fragile.

We soldered a U4 with a hot air soldering station. Then we collected the remains of solder on the contact pad with a braid and cleaned the compound. Then we checked the connection with U1 – the central processing unit (CPU) for breaks. The connection between U1 and U4 is not broken. Using a soldering iron and a braid, we prepared the contacts of the soldered chip. IP Box 2 checked the removed NAND Flash for the presence of bad blocks (bad sectors). There were a large number of them, it was decided to replace U4 with another.

To verify that the CPU is not damaged by temperature, we flashed the 5S board without NAND, got error 9 (in iOS 11 this error was 40) It means that there is no drive on the board.

We recorded information from the “old” NAND and saved it in a text document for further recording in the newly installed NAND Flash.

Then we took the following steps:

  • prepared a U4 removed from the workable donor иoard,
  • recorded the serial number and MAC address from the “old” NAND,
  • rolled the newly installed drive with balls for BGA soldering,
  • soldered U4 on the contact pad, using the key,
  • checked for the presence of short circuit with the help of a laboratory power supply, no short circuit was detected,
  • installed the 5s board in the client case,
  • assembled the phone completely,
  • connected the phone to iTunes, it was in recovery mode,
  • installed the latest version of iOS,
  • the iOS was installed successfully and activated.


Error 4013 on iPhone 5s most often indicates a malfunctioning phone memory. In the Bgacenter training center, as part of the training course, you will be shown and taught how to repair such malfunctions.


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