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For the manufacture of cases of various and SMD components based on their boards, the no-clean flux gel Martin is optimal, distributed in Germany. During the 8-year period of soldering training, we tried different fluxes for repairing phones, laptops, video cards and other electronics. Therefore, I recommend with confidence to recommend Flux Creme 0305 MA, the most suitable for the production of elements and microcircuits on the boards of electronic devices.

Flux for soldering 
Flux for soldering 

Flux purpose

Solder flux is a multi-component substance designed to evenly distribute solder, due to the manifestation of surface tension. 

Solder flux is used for the following purposes:

  1. Even distribution of heat from the soldering iron tip and hair dryer
  2. Destruction and removal of oxide compounds (films) from pads
  3. Protection of connections from destruction during the soldering process
  4. Wetting of surfaces to be soldered
  5. Reducing the surface tension of BGA paste
Applying martin gel to macbook board
Applying martin gel to macbook board

Types of fluxes

The following types of fluxes are used for soldering electronic circuit boards:

  • No-clean – no need to wash off residues after soldering. Although we recommend that you still flush the flux to avoid dust buildup. For flushing use: BR-2, Falcon 530 or Degreaser
  • Active – in their composition they have acid, most often hydrochloric or phosphoric. Reacts with the metal surface immediately after application.
  • Inactive – acid-free, non-corrosive. Protects the surface from oxidation, reacts during heating

According to the physical state, fluxes can be:

  • gel-like
  • powdered
  • liquid
  • solid
Increasing video card memory using martin
Increasing video card memory using martin

Benefits of Martin Flux

Gel refers to auxiliary materials used in soldering. The success and quality of the repair performed often depends on which flux to use when installing critical elements. It also reduces the risk of breaking the mounting contact on the board.

Benefits of Martin 0305 MA no clean:

  • high capillary penetration force
  • non-clean (no clean) – does not require washing after soldering,
  • minimum level of residual ionic contamination
  • eliminates bunching of solder
  • has a stable chemical composition
  • evenly distributed over the surface
  • has optimal fluidity at temperatures from 240 to 400 degrees Celsius
  • does not conduct electricity
  • resistant to external factors
  • low smoke
Flux Creme 0305 MA no clean
Flux Creme 0305 MA no clean

Flux martin for soldering chips

The correct choice of flux depends largely on the boards of which electronic devices you are soldering. There is a huge selection of gels, but there is a universal flux from Martin that has in his workshop that can solder any electronics.

Applying martin to the GPU surface of a video card before reballing


  • Flux Creme 0305 MA, no clean – optimally suited for its characteristics for mounting components on the boards of electronic devices
  • Martin flux compared to analogues has a significant advantage in price
  • When soldering modern electronic devices, flux gel is used in the vast majority of cases. It is because of the ease of application to the soldering site that this type of flux has become most widespread.
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