How to disassemble iPhone X

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IPhone X disassembly tools

To completely disassemble the iPhone X, you will need the following tools:

  • pentalobe screwdriver
  • suction cup
  • mediator
  • separator or soldering station dryer
  • cross screwdriver
  • 3-beam screwdriver
  • anti-static blade
  • double-sided blade
  • tweezers
  • magnetic mat
  • silicone antistatic mat

How to disassemble iPhone X

Before performing a modular repair of the iPhone X, it is recommended to perform express diagnostics of the device. To determine the actual state of the phone and in order to understand what is working and what is not currently in the device.

So the sequence of complete disassembly:

  • Unscrew the Pentalobe screws located at the bottom of the phone.


  • Next, we exclude the adhesive layer (moisture protection). If the phone has not been disassembled before, it is necessary to turn on the separator, setting the temperature to no more than 70 degrees Celsius. After the separator is heated to the desired temperature, place the iphone for a few minutes. In order not to scratch the display, you can put a paper towel or napkin on the heating element of the separator.
  • Then we install the suction cup on the display module and by pressing on it we create a small gap of a few millimeters between the display and the case at the bottom of the phone.
  • We shove the metal blade by a few millimeters and open the display. With a plastic pick, we draw along the perimeter of the phone case, so that the display module guides come out of engagement with the clamps on the case.
  • Lift the display module to the right and open the phone as a book.


  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the loop retainer screws.

  • In order to disconnect the cables from the iPhone X motherboard, remove the latch to the side with tweezers.
  • We disconnect the battery cable with an antistatic object. Thus, we will disconnect the phone. We know that even before pressing the power button when the battery is connected, part of the board is energized.
  • Next, we turn off the loops of the display module and the auditory speaker. Disconnect the display from the phone.

Отсоединяем дисплей iPhone X от корпуса телефона

  • Unscrew the pressure plate of the main camera.
  • Remove the dual camera from the phone with tweezers аnd place it on the magnetic mat with the lenses up.

Вынимаем двойную заднюю камеру из корпуса iPhone X

  • With an antistatic object, we turn off the remaining loops attached to the board.
  • And take the iPhone X board out of the case.

Вынимаем плату iPhone X из корпуса

  • The next step is to remove the battery from the phone. To do this, slowly pull on the “tongue” of double-sided tape. You can use tweezers by hooking the edge of the tape, pulling it out from under the battery and wrapping it around the tweezers.

Вынимаем АКБ из iPhone X

We take out the TrueDepth camera system with tweezers. The purpose of this system is face recognition.
Пинцетом вынимаем TrueDepth iPhone X

The TrueDepth camera and sensor system consists of:

  1. Infrared camera
  2. Front-camera
  3. Infrared spot projector – creates a 3-dimensional model of the user’s face

TrueDepth iPhone X в bgacenter

We remove the bracket with tweezers, having previously unscrewed the screws with a screwdriver.

Кронштейн айфон Х

Then we take out the polyphonic speaker

Вынимаем полифонический динамик айфон Х

Having previously disconnected the vibration motor, we take it out of the phone. And before that we take out the pressure valve.
Клапан давления вынимаем из корпуса iPhone X

Then we take out the system cable with the charging connector – Lightning from the case.
Вынимаем системный шлейф айфон Х

We proceed to disassemble the display module.

Disconnect the cable on which is located:

  • auditory speaker
  • proximity sensor
  • front microphone
  • ambient light sensor

Шлейф дисплея айфон Х

We take out wireless charging from the case

Вынимаем из корпус беспроводную зарядку

Then take out the flash/flashlight cable and the compensating microphone.

Шлейф вспышки фонарика айфон Х

The back cover is made of glass. Often, owners of iPhone X contact service centers to replace the back cover. In order to separate the back glass cover it is necessary to heat it with a dryer or a separator. And carefully using the paddle, we separate the back glass cover from the middle part of the phone.

After that, remove the camera frame and remove any glue residue.

Как отделить заднее стекло айфон Х



In order to disassemble iPhone X, for example, to replace the display, battery or rear window, a minimum set of tools and accuracy are required. You can learn how to completely disassemble and modularly repair the iPhone X in phone repair courses at Bgacenter.

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