IPhone 6 Connectors  

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Connector J1817

Connector J1817 designed to connect the iPhone 6 system cable.

The purpose of which is primarily:

  • to charge the phone,
  • to determine iPhone 6 laptop or PC.

Connector J2523

Connector J2523 is designed to connect the battery connector.

Connector J2321

Connector J2321 is designed to connect the main camera.

Connector J2401

Connector J2401 is designed to connect a touchscreen (touch panel).

Connector J2019

Connector J2019 is designed to connect the display module (backlight).

Connector J1111

Connector J1111 is designed to connect the front camera flex cable.

Connector J2118

Connector J2118 is designed to connect the Home button.

Connector J0801

Connector J0801 предназначен the power button flex cable.

Connector J0802

Connector J0802 is designed to connect a flex cable of volume buttons.


When studying telephone repair, it is important to know where the connectors are located on the board, how they are indicated in the software, and what elements are connected to the corresponding connectors. We train the motherboard diagnostics and multimeter dialing of each iPhone connector in detail during the Soldering Training at BGAcenter.


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