IPhone 6 voltage drop  

J0801 и J0802

J0801 – RIGHT BUTTON – Power button connector

J0802 – LEFT BUTTON – Volume button connector

J0801 and J0802
J0801 and J0802


FRONT CAM FLEX – Front camera connector

J1111 iPhone 6 connector
J1111 iPhone 6 connector


DOCK FLEX CONNECTOR – System cable connector

J1817 разъем iPhone 6. Обучение пайке в bgacenter
J1817 разъем iPhone 6.


LCD – Display module connector

J2019 разъем iPhone 6
J2019 разъем iPhone 6


MESA CONNECTOR –  Home button cable connector (via a circuit board cable)


REAR CAMERA CONNECTOR – Main camera connector

J2321 разъем iPhone 6.
J2321 разъем iPhone 6.


TOUCH – Touchscreen Connector

J2401 разъем iPhone 6
J2401 разъем iPhone 6


Measuring the voltage drop on the connectors of the iPhone 6 is a necessary action during the diagnostics of the motherboard.

We study iPhone 6 Board diagnostics in detail in practice during soldering training.

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