IPhone 8 won’t turn on  

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The first thing we did was a visual inspection of the iPhone 8 for mechanical damage of the display module and the phone case.

Revealed: damage of the corners of the smartphone.

Already at this stage it is clear that the phone was dropped. And as a result, the presence of microcircuits “in the dump” with a broken contact pad.

Since the apple glows and iPhone won’t turn on, we can assume that there is no firmware in the phone.

Therefore, it was decided to reinstall the firmware.

To do this, we connected the phone to the laptop and reflashed it using iTunes.

As a result of the recovery, we received error 9.

Most often, this error indicates a faulty in the phone’s memory.

Первичная диагностика
Первичная диагностика

iPhone 8 won’t turn on

Acceptance of iPhone 8 for repair

Before the phone was received for repair in bgacenter, in a third-party service center, answering the client’s question why the iPhone 8 does not turn on, they offered to replace the motherboard, since the original Board is “beyond repair”. iPhone 8 and 8 + are often brought for repair, both to replace the display or back cover, and to repair the phone Board. Usually these phones are “divers” or “drummers”. During the soldering training course, studying in detail the diagnosis and repair of boards, we took the phone to repair. Often training is carried out on client phones, and this is just the case.

The following describes the repair sequence for iPhone 8 when the phone won’t turn on.

First, we disassembled the phone, removed the motherboard.

Then we performed a visual examination of the board under a microscope, for the presence of:

  • traces of moisture,
  • soldering traces (flux residues, solder balls on the board),
  • mechanical damage on the board,
  • the presence of protective screens.

Using a multimeter, in ohmmeter mode, we measured the power supply circuit of the iPhone 8 (U2600) memory to match the resistance to the operating values.


  • PP3V0_NAND
Измерение сопротивления в PP3V0 NAND
Измерение сопротивления в PP3V0 NAND
  • PP1V8_IO
, IPhone 8 won’t turn on  
  • PP0V9_NAND
, IPhone 8 won’t turn on  
  • The resistances of the U2600 power circuits corresponded to the resistances in the power circuits of a knownly good iPhone 8 board. The next step in diagnostics is to measure the voltages in the above circuits.The voltage in the lines corresponded to the voltages indicated in the circuit description.Making a conclusion on the basis of the diagnostics already carried out, we understand that the phone memory is faulty, since there is no short circuit on the flash drive’s power lines, and there are operating voltages.After disassembling the memory of iPhone 8, we cleaned the remains of the compound, washed off the remains of the flux. Then we measured the resistance on the contact pad of the U2600 chip.
Диагностика контактной площадки u2600 iPhone 8
Диагностика контактной площадки u2600 iPhone 8
  • As a result of the measurements, it turned out that there were no breaks in the board. From this we conclude that the U2600 chip is faulty. To replace the memory, an iPhone X board with 256 GB of memory was used, since the memory chips are interchangeable.
    How was the iPhone X memory removed:
    • We fixed the iPhone X board into the termopro CTM 10-6 circuit board heater.
Плата iPhone X
Плата iPhone X
  • Split the board of the iPhone X.
, IPhone 8 won’t turn on  
  • Using the JC Pro 1000S programmer, we read information (serial number, MAC addresses of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc.) and recorded it in the memory from iPhone X. Next, we made a memory reball and soldered it to the iPhone 8 contact pad, using the key.The next required step is to check the board for a short circuit. When checking short circuit was not found.Then we put the board in the phone case.
Замена памяти iPhone 8
Замена памяти iPhone 8
  • We cleaned the compound and dismantled the memory.
Память iPhone X
Память iPhone X
Демонтаж памяти iPhone X
Демонтаж памяти iPhone X


  • We flashed the device using iTunes. After that, the iPhone 8 was successfully activated.
, IPhone 8 won’t turn on  


We performed one of the repair options iPhone 8, which won’t turn on. If you have any questions or additions, please write in the comments to the article or in the feedback form on the main page of bga.center.

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