iPhone memory replacement

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Example: how to increase the NAND Flash phone memory from 16 to 128 GB

Application example of bga soldering

iPhone memory replacement

How to replace NAND Flash on iPhone and increase phone memory from 16GB to 128GB

To increase the memory of the iPhone, it is enough to have the necessary equipment and know the sequence of actions described in detail in this article.

The sequence of the diagnostic

A client contacted the Bgacenter with the desire to increase the memory on their iPhone 6 from 16 to 128 GB. This is much cheaper than acquiring a new iPhone with a large amount of memory. Before the repair, the phone is diagnosed, that is, the actual state of the phone is determined. We take a photo of the home screen. The memory capacity is 16 GB and the serial number of the device.
 We save a backup copy of the client device data in iTunes.
 Next, we proceed to repair.


Increasing the memory of the iPhone 6.

The sequence of steps during increasing the memory of the iPhone 6:

  • prepare the phone board to replace the NAND Flash,
  • visual inspection of the board for signs of soldering, corrosion, mechanical damage. In our case, upon examination, it was revealed that the CPU shielding was previously removed, most likely some kind of repair was carried out.
  • clean the compound around the perimeter of the u0604 chip. This is “jewelry” work, be careful. During cleaning, you can damage the NAND strapping, that is, the capacitors installed in the NAND Flash power circuits. These are PP3V0_NAND, PP1V8, P1V2_NAND_VDI. Strapping will need to be restored. If the capacitors are lost, it is necessary to take the radio components from the “donor” board, and before installation, be sure to measure the capacitance of the capacitors. We install the iPhone 6 Board “correctly”: without distortions, longitudinal and transverse deformations, we fix in the STM 10-6 Thermopro thermostat.
  • heat the board to the operating temperature at which possible damage to the board and chip is minimal,
  • apply flux around the perimeter of the chip,
  • use a hot air soldering station to remove the “native” U0604 from the board.
  • Prepare a pad. To do this, remove the remaining compound and solder. Use the ultraviolet varnish to restore the damaged mask on the contact pad.
  • Using the programmer IP-Box 2 copy the information from the “native” NAND that is necessary for further activation of the device with replaced memory. In the photo below you can see a report where you can see the amount of phone memory and the last digits of the serial number.
  • Write previously saved information to new U0604.
  • Roll NAND Flash balls or BGA paste (at your discretion than used to work).
  • Solder the chip on the Board, according to the key, after applying the flux to the contact pad.
  • Reinstall the iOS on the phone.
  • Recover previously saved backup from iTunes.
  • Connect iPhone 6 to 3uTools and check the memory capacity.
  • Go to the phone’s settings “About” and make sure that the increased memory capacity is displayed correctly in the settings.
  • Diagnose the phone and give it back to the client


Replacement memory iPhone is quite “easy” and up-to-date repair. You can learn how to perform such repairs yourself during soldering training at Bgacenter.


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