How to fix iPhone won’t charge issue

Максим Исаев
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Intuitive algorithm of diagnostics of the phone

The article is compiled by Bgacenter teachers

iPhone Won’t Charge

Table 1: iPhone does not charge (quickly discharges), cannot be detected by computer.

Problem Reasons What to do
Wire (charger cable) Replace wire
Charging connector Clean it
Charging dock port ribbon cable It is not connected correctly Reconnect
Connector is dirty Clean the connector with a toothbrush
The soldering of the connector is broken Solder it
Defective connector Replace the connector
Defective charging dock port ribbon cable Replace it. Check the presence of 5V voltage with a multimeter.
Battery The battery is not connected correctly Reconnect it
Defective battery Replace it
Faulty display module Replace display module
Faulty tristar chip There is no consumption on the diagnostic unit. The phone is not detected by the computer. When you install a serviceable battery the phone is quickly discharged. Replace phone charge control chip (U2)
NAND Flash Error “4013” and the apple / reboot Replace NAND Flash chip (phone hard drive (USB flash drive/memory))
Main power controller The phone takes a long time to charge Replace the main power controller


We have considered the main causes of the malfunction – the iPhone will not charge. Detailed diagnostics of the phone charge circuit is studied during the bga soldering training.

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