iPhone won’t turn on

Максим Исаев
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Intuitive algorithm of diagnostics of the phone

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The phone won’t turn on: reasons and solutions

Табл.1 IPhone malfunctions

Problem Indicators What to do
iPhone won’t turn on (apple / reboot)
Battery U (voltage) < 3.8 В Charge or replace the battery
С (capacity) < 80 % Replace the battery
Power Button Flex ribbon cable The phone does not respond to pressing the power button. Replace the Power Button flex ribbon cable
iOS “Hanging on the Apple”: the Apple logo on the screen. Reinstall iOS.
Front camera Flex ribbon cable The proximity sensor does not work, the front camera does not work, the microphone does not work Disconnect the front camera flex ribbon cable and reinstall the iOS without a “front camera”. Replace the front camera flex ribbon cable.
Tristar chip There is no consumption on the diagnostic unit. Not detected by the computer. When you install a serviceable battery the phone is quickly discharged. Replace phone charge control chip (U2)
NAND Flash Error ‘4013’ and apple / reboot Replace NAND Flash chip (phone hard drive (USB flash drive/memory))
The main power controller Won’t turn on Replace the main power controller
Deformation of the phone body Won’t turn on Interlayer short circuit
Moisture inside the phone Won’t turn on Troubleshooting on the board (may be faulty chips, their binding or short circuit)
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