How to disassemble an iPhone 7

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How to completely disassemble the iPhone 7 yourself. How to replace the display module, battery, cables, cameras, phone case at home. All these repairs are described in detail in this manual. Which is designed for students in the Bgacenter Phone Repair program; as well as for all those who are interested in self-repair of Apple equipment.

Video of the full disassembly iPhone 7

Как разобрать айфон 7Как разобрать айфон 7

Disassembly of iPhone 7

To prepare the instructions, the original switch-on phone was used. The first thing that any repair begins with is the primary diagnosis.

At the same time, you should pay attention to:

  • scrolled Pentalobe screws,
  • the status of the display and the phone case,
  • check the operation of the Home button (including hypersensitivity)
  • connect to the USB-tester and check the phone’s charge circuit
  • check the operation of the audio codec
  • check whether the phone catches the network

Next, unscrew the Pentalobe screws and install the suction cup on the display, in the area of the Home button.

We carefully use a plastic pick to trace the perimeter of the display, thereby separating the display module from the case. Remember about the U10 chip, which can easily be damaged.

U10 iPhone 7

Then you need to move the display slightly down and remove the screen guides from the iPhone case.

Open the display to the right and in order to keep the loops in good condition, install the suction cup and place the display on it. In no case, do not place the display with the connected cables horizontally on the mat. Otherwise, the cables or connectors on the board may be damaged.

When completely disassembling the phone, pay attention to the layout of the screws and components of the smartphone, on the magnetic mat. The correct layout will help to observe the main rule of the master, when performing any repairs, “Do no harm” or do not make it worse.

If the phone has not been opened before, we use a separator for putting up display modules.

Unscrew the lock of the display module and battery cables with a three-beam screwdriver.

Carefully remove the lock to the side and disconnect the battery connector.


Отключаем АКБ iPhone

Remember that the primary power circuit is formed when the battery is connected before pressing the power button. Therefore, we use a dielectric object. A detailed checklist for replacing the battery can be found in the article Replacing the iPhone battery.

Disconnect the ribbon cable of the display module

Отключаем шлейфы дисплейного модуля

Then with a phillips screwdriver we unscrew the lock of the front camera loop

We also disconnect the front camera loop with a plastic spatula.

The display module is removed, now you can proceed to the next stage

Айфон 7

We proceed to the complete disassembly of the phone case:

  • We remove the power source (battery capacity in the seven 1960 mA * h). If the battery was previously changed in the phone, then it is quite easy to remove it using a plastic spatula. Additionally, you can use a separator or any solvent (BR-2, medical alcohol). If the battery has not been removed before, first of all it is necessary to dismantle the vibration motor. And only then pulling the tabs of the factory double-sided tape to pull them out using tweezers (it is recommended to pull the tape as horizontally as possible so as not to tear it).

АКБ айфон

  • With tweezers, we disconnect the coaxial cable of the system loop and the Wi-Fi antenna

Коаксиальный кабель и антенна Wi-Fi

  • Unscrew the two screws of the lock loop of the power button and volume buttons. Turning off the train.

Фиксатор шлейфа кнопки включения и кнопок громкости

  • Unscrew the GPS antenna and bracket (Wi-Fi signal booster)

Антенны айфон 7

  • Unscrew the two screws of the rear camera lock. Removing the RCAM from the housing

RCAM iPhone7

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antenna, unscrew the screws fixing the antenna to the housing

Антенна Wi-Fi Bluetooth

  • Unscrew the screw holding the flash lock and the compensating microphone
  • Unscrew the screws fixing the NFC antenna

Антенна NFC

  • Unscrew the support screws fixing the board in the phone case (remember about R4710, more on the bga soldering course)

Материнская плата айфон 7

  • Disconnect the lower loop from the connector on the board

  • We remove the motherboard from the device case. The location of the chips on the board can be viewed in the Zillion x Work program.
  • iPhone 7 motherboard (side A)

Материнская плата айфон 7 сторона А

  • iPhone 7 motherboard (side B) with marked audio codec

Аудиокодек айфон 7

  • Then the next step is the loop of the power and volume buttons (unscrew the screws and remove the loop from the case)

Шлейф кнопки включения и кнопок громкости

  • Remove the buttons, after removing the brackets from them
  • Unscrew the polyphonic speaker and Wi-Fi antenna

Откручиваем полифонический динамик

  • Turn off the vibration motor and unscrew the screws that fix it in the housing

Откручиваем и отключаем вибромотор

  • We peel off the lower loop after unscrewing all the screws

Винты нижнего шлейфа айфон 7

  • The phone is completely disassembled

Разобранный айфон 7

iPhone 7 Flex Cables

In the composition of the phone there are 3 basic loop. The system loop is diagnosed “at 5 volts”. The main purpose of this loop: charging your phone and syncing with your computer.

Lower loop iPhone 7

Нижний шлейф айфон 7

On the system loop there are such components as:

  • vibration motor connector
  • main microphone
  • charging connector
  • auxiliary microphone
  • coaxial cable
  • contacts for connecting a polyphonic speaker
  • connector for connecting to the connector on the board

The loop of the power button and volume control

Шлейф кнопки включения и кнопок громкости айфон 7

On this loop there are such elements as:

  • power button membrane
  • compensating microphone
  • LED flash
  • silent mode switch
  • volume button membrane
  • connector

Front camera flex cable

Шлейф FCAM айфон 7

The front camera loop contains the following components:

  • the front camera itself
  • contacts for connecting the hearing aid speaker
  • distance
  • sensor ambient light sensor
  • front microphone
  • connector for connecting to the motherboard

Replacing the iPhone 7 display

We proceed to the disassembly of the display module:

  • unscrew the screws of the lock loop of the Home button

Фиксатор шлейфа кнопки Home Phone 7

  • disconnect the button with the fingerprint scanner from the display module and note how the button is removed from the display.

Отсоединяем шлейф кнопки Home

  • unscrew the lock of the front camera loop

Откручиваем фиксатор шлейфа фронтальной камеры айфон 7

  • carefully bend without bending the FCAM loop, remove the earpiece, after unscrewing the two screws

Слуховой динамик айфон 7

  • then we remove the front camera loop itself, if the display module has not been disassembled before, we use a separator, remember that it is very easy to damage the sensors and as a result – replace the FCAM
  • if you need to replace the mesh of the hearing speaker, unscrew the screw that the mesh is attached to the module and peel off the mesh itself

Сеточка слухового динамика айфон 7

  • unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the metal plate and carefully peel off the loops remove the plate to the side
  • the display module is completely disassembled

Дисплейный модуль айфон 7

Build iPhone 7

In order to build an iPhone 7, you need to perform the steps in the reverse order. And be sure to perform diagnostics after the complete assembly of the smartphone. You can do this before tightening the Pentalobe screws.

Разборка айфон 7

iPhone Repair Tools

For diagnostics and repairs, we will need the following tools and supplies:

  • 3uTools
  • USB-tester
  • silicone pad
  • magnetic pad
  • screwdriver Pentalobe 0.8
  • screwdriver phillips 1.5
  • three-beam screwdriver 0.6
  • screwdriver for support screw
  • separator for gluing display modules
  • magnetizer
  • plate Quanli
  • pick
  • plastic spatula
  • tweezers
  • technical gasoline “BR-2”
  • medical alcohol
  • tape double-sided 3-M


Disassembly of the iPhone 7 is quite feasible independently at home. It is important to perform all the actions carefully and make the” correct ” layout of the disassembled smartphone on the magnetic mat. And remember, the video was shot for educational purposes. The authors of this manual are not responsible for your actions. You perform repairs under your own responsibility. If you do not follow the above recommendations, you may need to replace the board in the iPhone.

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