How much can you earn after completing courses in laptop repair and what are the prospects for this specialty

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The need for laptop, desktop and MacBook repair technicians is growing exponentially as the world becomes more advanced. The shortage of craftsmen is huge, since a relatively small number of training centers offer to buy truly professional courses on repairing laptops and other computer equipment. This combination makes the choice of this profession reasonable, both in terms of earnings and stability, and taking into account career opportunities.

The demand for the profession

According to statistics from the largest Russian retailers of computer equipment, more than 3 million laptops were purchased in 2020, and looking at how the market situation develops, we can confidently assert that this figure will grow. Along with this figure, the number of those who need repair, maintenance or adjustment of a laptop is also increasing. Every month, hundreds of thousands of people are looking for electronics repair specialists in Yandex and Google.

Laptop repair - monthly views in Yandex

Almost 170 thousand – so many people asked Yandex about laptop repair in July 2021

 In addition, numerous educational institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, government agencies – they all need computer technicians to support their infrastructure. In addition to this, the COVID-19 pandemic has also made its own adjustments to the labor market. As more people work and shop from home, laptop repair technicians remain in demand. Based on the statistics of the last two years, we can expect an increase in the number of vacancies in the region of 6% -8% over the next 3 years. This shows that the profession of a laptop repairman is entering the TOP.

How much do graduates of laptop repair courses pay

As of August 2021, the average annual salary of a laptop repair specialist in Russia is 58,127 rubles per month. Information taken from, which measures the profitability of various professions.

Average salary for graduates of laptop repair courses

Average salary for graduates of laptop repair courses

In general, the statistics coincide with what can be observed on the leading Russian job search services Yandex.Rabota, HH.Ru, etc. It should be borne in mind that the average salary is far from the maximum. Obviously, a master who has learned how to repair laptops using courses downloaded from the Internet cannot receive as much as a qualified specialist earns. Another factor that directly affects the income of a graduate of laptop repair courses is geography. The table below shows averaged data for different regions of Russia, taken from the resource “”.

Region Average salary, rubles Range, rubles
Moscow 69 000 41-162 000
St. Petersburg 62 000 40 – 122 000
Ekaterinburg 48 000 32 – 108 000
Krasnodar 41 000 31 – 105 000
Nizhny Novgorod 40 000 30 – 114 000
Ufa 39 000 31 – 107 000
«Income level of a laptop repairman in St. Petersburg

«Income level of a laptop repairman in St. Petersburg

Working as a private laptop repair and maintenance technician

There are many reasons in favor of taking courses in laptop repair and one of the most significant is the opportunity to start your own business without large investments and overhead costs. Working for yourself is a big responsibility, but at the same time independence, flexible schedule and decent income, which is limited only by your own entrepreneurship. There are no upper levels of earnings, almost everyone has PCs and laptops, and it is unlikely that they will ever stop breaking down. Laptop repair is a stable and always needed service.

Laptop repair

Laptop repair

What you need to get the specialty laptop repairman

The first step to mastering this specialty is training. You need to pass it in an organization licensed to engage in educational activities. This is what guarantees the completeness and relevance of the knowledge and skills acquired. After completing the training course, such an organization will issue an official document of education – a certificate confirming the competence of its owner.

It is much easier to get a job in a repair shop, a service center of a large electronics manufacturer or any other organization that needs repair and maintenance of computer equipment, having in your hands a certificate of completion of a specialized training course. When working for oneself, a master who has such a document will favorably differ from competitors of self-taught and will be able to attract much more clients.


A laptop repairman is a promising profession with a salary above the average in Russia. The demand for specialists in this profile will only increase as the number of computer equipment around us increases. In order to get a high-paying job by completing a laptop repair course, it is important to study at a licensed training center.


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