Job at Bgacenter: Laptop Repair Trainer

A phone repair and bga soldering training center is hiring a Laptop Repair Trainer

We are looking for a laptop and MacBook repair technician with extensive experience and an irrepressible desire to share the knowledge and skills with novice masters.

About BGAcenter

Unlike most educational institutions of the modern “style”, we do not do “coaching,” but rather methodically form practical skills in students in diagnosing and soldering laptop boards, circuitry, and reading circuits. This difference allowed BGA Center to become one of the best in its industry. Our principles in training:

- Training begins with the basics of radio engineering and electronics. The laptop repair course involves the study of the main radio components and microcircuits. It is an understanding of the principle of operation that allows students to accurately and quickly determine the malfunction on the board.
- Lots of practice. To gain new skills, students need to learn with real stands, training panels and equipment samples. All students practice the basic methods of working with laptops of different brands and configurations that really need to be fixed. We recommend that students take faulty devices with them for training, it will be possible to carry out repairs during classes
- Individual approach. Each student in our courses can ask any questions and should receive competent and professional answers to them. We understand that not all students can immediately complete one or another task, and are ready to show it again.
- Employment. Many students got jobs after training at Bgacenter partner service centers.

These principles have allowed us to create an excellent environment for novice laptop repair technicians.

What we offer trainers:

Our training center has special advantages for trainers:

- A diverse material and technical base. At the disposal of the master teacher there are many diagnostic equipment, various types of soldering stations, soldering irons of various types, oscilloscopes and thermal imagers. All this allows you to work comfortably, explain on real examples and repairs.
- The trainer does not deal with organizational issues. All extraneous troubles lie on the shoulders of the employees of the center responsible for this. The task of the trainer is only to train.
- Comfortable work schedule. Classes are held at different times, it is possible to build a convenient schedule. We can consider offers from part-time workers.
- An excellent team where everyone loves their work and are ready to work for the sake of overall success, and not just for themselves.
- Decent pay. Each employee of our training center should focus on their work. We will try our best to ensure that he is less distracted by material problems.


If you are applying for a position as a trainer at Bgacenter, you must meet the following requirements:

- Be a practitioner. Experience in repairing laptops and MacBooks should be from 5 years.
- Train future technicians in accordance with a specialized laptop repair program agreed at the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
- Higher or secondary specialized technical education in the field of electronics and radio engineering, possibly related specialties.
- Ability to work with students of varying degrees of training. Very often in one group there may be completely newcomers and masters who came to advanced training at the same time. This requires skills in working with tasks that are differentiated by level of knowledge.
- Punctuality and the ability to correctly plan time. This applies both to observing the schedule in principle, and the distribution of time within each lesson.If you are interested in this offer, leave your resume and wait for an invitation to an interview.

If you are interested in this offer, leave your resume and wait for an invitation to an interview.