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Learn in practice the diagnosis and repair of laptops and personal computers

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Repair iMac in bgacenter
Repair iMac in bgacenter

If you plan to connect your life with electronics repair or are already a laptop and personal computer repair technician and want to improve your skills, then training at Bgacenter is for you.

If you are already performing modular repairs and there is a need to master the soldering of bga chips on professional equipment, then we are also waiting for you at Bgacenter.

During the training, you will learn the basics of radio engineering, laptop troubleshooting, circuitry and reading circuits, soldering SMD components and bga chips.

Practice in groups of up to 4 people will help you learn diagnostics, circuitry and soldering quickly.

Customer service

Device repair begins with customer service. You will learn what to pay attention to when taking a laptop for repair. Make your own checklist of the customer service administrator. You will learn how to use specialized programs for service centers.

You will also learn:

  • what must be checked when taking a laptop for repair,
  • why is it important to record the configuration of the laptop,
  • what do external damages of the device case indicate,
  • why you should pay attention to the decorative stickers and the condition of the screws of the case.

Laptop repair training

Laptop repair training

During your studies at Bga center you will learn:

  • Cleaning the cooling system. Replacement of thermal paste;
  • Replacing the cooling fan;
  • Replace the hinge covers laptop;
  • Repair or replacement of the keyboard;
  • Repair or replacement TouchPad;
  • Laptop cover repair;
  • Installation of Wi – Fi and other expansion modules;
  • Flashing or replacing the matrix;

Laptop Diagnostics

Correct diagnosis is the key to a successful repair. Therefore, we devote a sufficient amount of time to studying the troubleshooting of laptops.

You will learn:

  • Diagnostics of faulty units and components;
  • Visual inspection: traces of moisture, mechanical damage, repair in a third-party service center
  • Checking the primary and secondary power supply circuits;
  • Structure and components of the motherboard: controllers, chips, bridges, chipsets, processor mount;
  • Block diagram of switching on and power parameters;
  • Main problems with PWM controllers, types of transistors;
  • The interaction of blocks and fault blocks;
  • Differences in the connection of chips from different manufacturers;
  • Voltage measurements by multimeter;
  • Diagnosis with an oscilloscope: power phase, PWM controller, ROM;
  • Used marking of radio components on the motherboard;
  • Finding a short circuit on the laptop motherboard.
Fault diagnosis
Fault diagnosis


  • Basics of radio engineering;
  • Radio components on the motherboard: resistor, capacitor, diode, inductor, transistor, filter coil;
  • The layout of the board notebook;
  • Determination of faulty elements by multimeter: resistance measurement, diode ringing, measurements of voltage drop in the circuit;
  • Pulse-width modulator-based controllers and field-effect transistors;
  • Search, selection and verification of elements (chokes, capacitors, transistors, diodes and Zener diodes);
  • Overview of functional flowcharts;
  • Reading charts and datasheets.

Soldering laptops

  • Equipment, tools and consumables for soldering laptops;
  • Types of solders and fluxes, stencils and BGA paste;
  • Soldering technology of bga chips and SMD components;
  • USB connector replacement;
  • Elimination of short circuit on the board;
  • Soldering by hot air soldering station Quick 861 DE;
  • Soldering on infra – red platform-Thermopro IK-650;
  • Dismantling of the BGA chip in compliance with the thermal profile;
  • Preparing the chip for installation on the board;
  • Installation of the chip with the use of Thermopro IR-650;
  • Power management repair;
  • Video chip replacement.
Soldering laptops
Soldering laptops

Software repair

  • Installing the Windows operating system;
  • Firmware Flash chips BIOS programmer;
  • Flashing or updating BIOS.

MacBook repair training

Introduction to Mac OS X, mac OS: versions, their differences and relationship to hardware architecture. Installing Mac OS X. Recovery Mode, creating a bootable device, and basic OS installation errors.

Hardware architecture:

  • Block diagram of power supply units, G3Hot 3.42 V;
  • SMC (Embedded Controller, EC);
  • Charge controller, battery, MagSafe, MagSafe 2, power PSU;
  • SMBus;
  • Peripherals internal: Keyboard & Trackpad, Camera, WiFi (Airport), Bluetooth, Audio, etc.;
  • Temperature sensors, cooling fans and tachometers.

Typical faults, engineering defects and ways of their elimination

Non typical faults:

  • unskilled intervention,
  • mechanical damage,
  • liquid flooding,
  • connection of non-certified devices and power supplies,
  • unlock EFI bootloader.

Inspect your MacBook before starting repairs.

Primary diagnosis: symptoms, solution search algorithm.

Opening the device:

  • necessary tools
  • disassembling nuances: protective strips, hidden loops.

MacBook Diagnostics and Board Troubleshooting:

  • MagSafe input circuit 3.42 V driver;
  • Enabling signals EC (SMC) and MCP / PCH;
  • Charge Controller and Power Switch ISL6258 / 6259;
  • 3.3 V and 5 V standby voltage generator TPS51125.

Replacing defective components / assemblies on the board:

  • Replacing external peripheral connectors (USB, Audio);
  • Replacing internal peripherals (Keyboard, LVDS / eDP, WiFi, Speakers, Camera / ALS);
  • MacBook video chip replacement.

The result of laptop repair training

Result of laptop repair training

During laptop repair training in Bgacenter, you will learn how to do the following repairs:

  • Repair or replacement of body parts;
  • Repair or replace the keyboard;
  • Matrix replacement;
  • Cleaning the cooling system;
  • Replacing power connectors (charging socket);
  • Replacing the backlight lamp;
  • BIOS flashing;
  • Laptop power circuit repair;
  • Video card repair;
  • Motherboard repair;
  • Washing the laptop motherboard after getting liquid;
  • RJ-11/RJ-45 connector replacement;
  • Board repair after unskilled intervention;
  • Replacement of codecs, controllers, bga chips.
Laptop repair training begins on
June 29
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