Bgacenter is the official training center for phone repair, diagnostics and bga soldering

License № 2876 issued by the Education Committee of the Government of Saint Petersburg confirms the right to provide educational services.

The presence of a License is an important criterion when choosing a soldering and electronics repair training center. Here’s why license is important:

Firstly, an educational organization provides training and educational programs. The activities of training centers are regulated by Federal Law № 273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”.

Secondly, these documents confirms the gained experience and repair skills. At Bgacenter an official certificate of education is awarded to those who finish a program.

Thirdly, the license proves the reliability of the educational services. The presence of an annual schedule, curriculum and coordinated training programs confirms the consistency and high quality of training in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education.

Repair courses in St. Petersburg
Repair courses in St. Petersburg