No sounds problem on iPhone 7 plus

Максим Исаев
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So, your iPhone has stopped making sounds. Software manipulations did not lead to the proper effect. We will study this case together with the bgacenter teachers, with a detailed description and illustrations in this article.

iPhone 7 Plus diagnostics


iPhone 7 plus speaker does not work – with such a problem, the phone was sent for repair to bgacenter.

What was the fault:

  • the phone turns on for a long time (up to 10 min),
  • all microphones do not work,
  • the earpiece does not work,
  • when making a call, the polyphonic speaker is not active.

Possible reasons if the speaker of iPhone 7 plus does not work is:

  • violation of the integrity of the soldering chip AUDIO CODEC-U3101,
  • damage to the contact pad, most often the 12th row of contacts.

For further diagnostics, the phone was disassembled.

We removed the protective stickers from the Board.

Them we made a visual inspection of the Board for the presence of moisture, damaged components, traces of repair, the integrity of the sleeves.

Visual inspection showed that the board is completely original (in the factory version), previously it was not repaired.

We decided to solder the audio codec and check the integrity of the contact pad by measuring the voltage drop on these contacts.

No sounds on iPhone 7 plus


Repair sequence:

  • fixed the board in the holder,
  • microcircuits installed on the compound provided a heat sink by installing copper radiators,
  • using a hairdryer, dismantled the U3101 chip,
  • prepared the contact pad, for this purpose, the remains of solder were collected with a copper braid,
  • removed the voltage drop from the contact pad (12th row).

12-й ряд аудиокодек iPhone 7 Plus

Voltage drops correspond to a working phone.

In your repairs, be sure to duplicate the contacts of the 12th row: C12, F12, H12, J12.



  • using a stencil and solder paste, we rolled AUDIO CODEC,
  • positioned U3101 on the contact pad by key,
  • soldered a microcircuit with a hairdryer.

Then they connected the iPhone 7 Plus board to the laboratory power supply and made sure that there was no short circuit.

They installed the board in the case, connected all the cables and turned on the phone.

The operating system booted up quickly enough, this suggests that the audio codec is working and there are no breaks.

We have completed a test call.

Since the client did not give the password code for the screen, the only way to check the operation of the U3101 is to call 112. We made such a call, and the earpiece worked.


If there are no sounds in iPhone 7 Plus, repairs are completed within one hour. The cost of such repairs in service centers of St. Petersburg starts from 5000 rubles. For those who want to learn how to repair the boards of phones and tablets, we provide the soldering training. Take quality training, and you can also repair wi-fi that is not working on your phone or tablet, replace the memory chip in the device and much much more.


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