Phone Repair Business: Easy Start

The phone repair business is a niche in which you can get a stable and high income by setting up your business processes correctly. What are the advantages over other options:

- minimum financial investments
- fast opening
- ease of registration of a legal entity
- ability to work without employees

Planning and preparation of a business plan

A well-developed business plan for phone repair includes not only a sequence of actions for opening a business, but also tools for managing a service center.
For example, cost planning can include the following items:

- rental of premises
- furniture and equipment
- staff salaries
- advertising
- consumables and spare parts
- accounting and taxes

In order to organize a phone repair business according to the current legislation it is necessary:

- Registration of a legal entity
- Conclusion of a lease or sublease agreement for office
- Employment of staff
- Customer Corner Decoration

Service center office

The office for your service center should be chosen according to the following criteria:

- Consider the location of competitors
- Choose an office with a convenient entrance
- Allocate space for signage and advertising banners
- Check the availability of mobile communication and the Internet
- Calculate the required area of your service center, taking into account the number of employees

Hiring staff

Business is very much dependent on your team. If you hire a staff of specialists, you need to follow all the formalities, from the correct registration for work to the development of bonus tables and bonus grid.


Clients are the foundation of any business. At the “Phone Repair Business” course, you will learn how to attract new customers, make repeat sales and how to make customers come by word of mouth. You will learn how customer bases differ if you buy a ready-made business, buy a franchise, or open a service center on your own after completing the training.

Accounting and taxation

For registration of a legal entity further accounting of all financial transactions, you can use the services of accounting companies or do it yourself. During the lessons, we will answer in detail the following questions: which tax system is better to choose and why; how to open a current account and connect an online cashier and other questions on accounting and taxes.

Claim handling

Periodically there are claims for repairs performed in each service center for phone repair. It requires a special, “right” approach to the client. You will learn how:

- correctly draw up the act of acceptance
- coordinate risks with the client
- how to differentiate financial responsibility
- what kind of guarantee to give
- how to legally and competently work with clients who want to repair their phone, tablet or laptop for free

Support and maintenance

After going through the Phone Repair Business program, questions will continue to arise. There are various support options when starting a business and this is discussed in detail before starting a business course.

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Highly profitable business

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