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In April 2020, Bgacenter turned five years old. During this time, an effective training system for repairing phones and laptops, and bga soldering was formed. Master phone repair, this is the profession that allows you to quickly master the skills of repair and earn a decent income.

In the article:

  • what you will learn,
  • who are useful, and sometimes vital, courses on repairing smartphones.
Soldering of chips

Soldering of chips

Favorite hobby

Absolutely any person, especially in the “self-Isolation” mode. The previously successfully mastered skill of phone repair and bga soldering allows Bgacenter graduates to earn money, even in such a difficult time. After all, electronics still “breaks”, regardless of whether a person goes to work or waits for the end of forced vacations. Or phone repair as a hobby. Each of us has one exactly, and often more gadgets to use.

Smartphone repair training

Smartphone repair training

And the ability to at least replace the battery or display module is already a necessary skill. You can see how the training takes place and what repairs are performed by graduates of the training center in the gallery.

School children and students

Children and school children. Trend of development, this is electronics and microelectronics. And the sooner the child begins to delve into this direction, the better. And here is not only the development of fine motor skills, soldering under the microscope, but also the formation of logical thinking and the development of intuition. Often performing Board repairs is a whole study that makes you “turn on your head” to work out different options. Because it is rare that Board repairs are performed using pre-built algorithms. You constantly have to think, read materials, and learn new things. Here we see the task of parents, to give the right direction to their child. Or at least “detach” the child from gadgets and computers and engage in an interesting business.

Students – having mastered the program for modular repair of phones and tablets, a young person or girl becomes financially independent from their parents. This in turn makes life easier for parents, removing some of the financial burden from them.

Students of specialized Universities

Modern training programs in higher education institutions contain a small number of hours of practical training on soldering and working with diagnostic equipment. And any engineer needs to be able to use a soldering iron and a hair dryer of a thermal air soldering station. And If your future profession is related to electronics, radio engineering, communication systems or the space industry, you can learn the skill of soldering bga chips in Bgacenter.

For example, training in soldering in Novosibirsk will be useful for students and graduates of universities such As:

  1. NGTU – Novosibirsk state technical University, in the profile “radio Engineering means of transmission, reception and processing of signals” faculty of radio engineering and electronics.
  2. SibGUTI – direction 11.03.00 “electronics, radio engineering and communication systems”, or systems of radio communication, mobile communication and radio access.
Soldering of chips

Soldering of chips

And in St. Petersburg, courses on phone repair are exactly suitable for students of such educational institutions:

  1. LETI – Saint Petersburg state electrotechnical University. Faculty of radio engineering and telecommunications and faculty of electronics.
  2. GUAP-Saint Petersburg state University of aerospace instrumentation. Direction-computer Science and engineering or directions of the Institute of information systems and information security.
  3. SPbGUT – Saint Petersburg state University of telecommunications named after prof. M. A. Bonch – Bruevich. Faculties of radio communication technologies and information systems and technologies.

Wherever it is necessary to be able to solder, use a multimeter and other diagnostic equipment, read diagrams; the experience gained in the training center will be useful.


Are you or your child planning to visit the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the near future? Be sure, the ability to repair phones and solder motherboards will be useful already at the Assembly point during the professional fitness check. And in the future, during the service, often such military personnel are in a privileged position. Those who served will understand.

Smartphone repair courses

Acceptance and diagnostics

It all starts with acceptance and initial diagnostics of the device. How do I check if my phone is working? What should I pay attention to and why is it important to check this particular functionality? What diagnostic equipment should I use at the very beginning of acceptance? What does the reading of a lab power supply or USB tester mean? Let’s start with the answers to these questions.

Phone repair

Then, in practice, we study the sequence of replacing faulty phone or tablet units. The emphasis is on modern smartphone models.


The next block of training is software repair. Very detailed, with details and nuances, we learn how to flash (update or install software again) iOS and Android operating systems. It is important to learn how to reinstall SOFTWARE, so that as a result of manipulations with a smartphone, you do not get a “brick”.

Chip soldering courses

The basics of circuitry

We start with the simplest and most fundamental – the basics of circuitry and reading circuits. You will learn how to use dongle, service manuals, and datasheet. The main service that is used both for repairs and for training ZXW Tools.

Diagnostics of the motherboard

The first is a visual inspection under a microscope. What should I pay attention to when examining the Board? How can I visually detect damage to chips or radio components in the chip binding? What are the outward signs point to a previously made repair? We study these and similar issues in detail in practice. Be sure to study 4 types of measurements with a multimeter, including measuring the voltage drop.

Soldering of chips

  • Cleaning the compound and preparing the system Board for subsequent repairs.
  • The dismantling of the chips. Soldering courses start with replacing simple chips such as TRISTAR and before replacing the smartphone Board.
  • Working with programmers. The phone is not activated or blocked, in this case we use IP Box or BST Dongle.
  • Soldering bga chips and radio components (binding chips or connectors).
Soldering circuit Board iPhone

Soldering circuit Board iPhone


Repairing mobile phones and laptops is a useful skill for both adults and children. You can take courses on phone repair and learn how to repair electronics professionally in Bgacenter.  

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