Phone Repair Training

Learn in practice the diagnosis and repair of iPhone 6 to X, and Android

Equipment, tools and consumables for phone repair

Equipment, tools and supplies for phone repair

When repairing telephones, the tools and equipment that you use are important. Studying on professional equipment and using a convenient hand tool, you can easily learn how to repair phones and tablets.

At bgacenter, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of equipment, both budget and professional. After training, you will understand what equipment to use in your service center or what hand tools to buy for modular repairs.

You will also learn from which suppliers you can buy equipment and spare parts for phones and tablets.

Customer service

You will learn how to take your phone or tablet for repair. What to look for and what functions of the device to check in order to determine the actual state of the device.

You will learn how to work in specialized programs for service centers, what documentation is maintained in the service center and how to fill out the agreement of reception of the phone for repair and other documents.

Acceptance of the device for repair

Primary diagnostics

Primary diagnostics

You will learn:

  • how to use the laboratory power supply (LPS)
  • diagnosis of the phone for the presence of “spurious” consumption;
  • how to perform measurements with a multimeter;
  • how to diagnose the battery, how to activate the battery activator in practice;
  • how to diagnosis of the lower system loop with a multimeter;
  • software diagnostics with 3uTools software (you will know, without disassembling the phone, which nodes have changed in the device);
  • diagnostics of the USB charge circuit tester;
  • how to determine a short circuit on the board.

Phone repair training

  • You will learn the architecture of iPhone 6 to X device.
  • You will study in detail the structure of the phone: the location of each element. You will find out which connector on the board each cable is connected to. What components and sensors are located on the loops and how to identify their malfunction.
  • Learn how to replace battery, display module, cables, phone case correctly.
  • How to completely disassemble and assemble the phone.
  • Explore your Android device.
  • The main components of the smartphone and their maintainability. Learn the fundamental differences in the repair of iOS and Android smartphones.
  • You will also learn how to completely disassemble and assemble an Android smartphone.
Phone repair training

Tablet repair training

Tablet repair training

iPad architecture. The main components of the tablet and their maintainability.

Third-generation iPad repair training. Replacing the touchscreen, display, battery, loops and cameras, tablet case. Complete disassembly and assembly of the iPad.

Android tablet device. The main components and their maintainability.

Chinese tablet repair training. Replacing the touchscreen, display, battery, loops and cameras, tablet case. Complete disassembly and assembly Android tablets.

Software repair

IPhone firmware options.

In what cases it is necessary to reinstall the software.

The procedure for mandatory actions during diagnostics before firmware.

Learn how to repair and update iPhone and iPad firmware.

DFU Mode and Recovery Mode.

The sequence of actions when flashing

ITunes and 3uTools error codes.

Learn how to work with IP Box-2 programmer.

Phone activation failed. Data recovery.

Android Firmware.

Unlocking bootloader and obtaining ROOT rights.

Installation of TWRP (custom recovery).

Software repair

Training for bga soldering of chips and SMD components

Training in soldering bga chips and SMD components

Bga soldering training.

Safety during operation with a dryer and soldering iron.

Equipment, tools and consumables and for soldering.

Types and differences of thermal air soldering stations.

Technology of soldering of SMD components..

Practice soldering the USB connectors on the circuit boards of phones and tablets.

Chip soldering technology. Selection of temperature conditions for soldering chips.

Final certification

Certification is a test of the actual skills and knowledge acquired during the training of telephone repair. Those who successfully pass the final exam will receive a Certificate – an official document on education.

Final certification and obtaining a certificate

Result of phone repair training

Result of phone repair training

After completing training at bgacenter, you can independently perform such repairs as:

– replacing the battery of the phone and tablet,

– replacement of the display module,

– replacement of loops, buttons, cameras, antennas,

– replacing the phone case,

– flash smartphones and restore data,

– display replacement of iPad.

Phone repair training is provided at the existing service center. The training program is extremely practical. During the training, you will get the knowledge and skills that are required to repair phones and tablets, and for employment in a service center.

Phone repair training begins on
August 17
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Small groups up to 4 people

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