Power supply repair courses

Training in the repair of power supplies for mining. 90% of the time is practical training, under the guidance of an experienced electronics engineer. Classes are held at the operating service center.

Start: 27 February
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Who is this course for?

For beginners
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For students
For those who want to open their own SC

What will you learn

  • Correctly diagnose the UPS, identify faulty components
  • Recover power supplies for miners
  • Understand the operation of a single-stroke forward two-key converter (oblique bridge), a flyback converter, and repair them
  • Measure voltages at test points for further diagnostics and repair of power supply boards APW7, APW9, APW9 +
  • Soldering of power elements: transistors, transformers, chokes, diode bridges, radiators. In practice, learn the dismantling, as well as the installation of elements
  • Eliminate faults after power surges
  • Analyze the work of the power supply unit on duty, repair it

What will you get after the training

Выдача сертификатов
Certificate — an official document of education
After completing the training, you receive a Certificate. Your advantage when applying for a service center or company
Help with employment
Owners and managers of service centers apply to Bgacenter if there are vacancies - phone repairman or service center receiver. Therefore, there is almost always a possibility of employment in the service centers of St. Petersburg, upon completion of training and successful certification.
Компенсация обучения
Tuition compensation, 13%
By completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training

Training program


Mining power supply

Switching power supplies of modern devices have a similar structure architecture. They consist of a fuse, varistor, input mains filter, limiting starting resistor, diode bridge, PWM controller, power switch, pulse transformer, output rectifiers and feedback to ensure the stabilization of output voltages.

Power supply units of miners differ in construction, due to the large power consumption of the connected devices.


During your studies, you will learn:


  • The general concept of the operation of switching power supplies for ASICs
  • Block diagram explaining the principle of operation
  • Functional diagram. The purpose of the blocks, their connection with each other
  • Main structure, UPS element base
  • Line filter, diode bridge. Device, purpose
  • Power factor corrector (PFC). PWM controller. Principle of operation, main functions
  • Power Factor Correction in switching power supplies. Active and passive PFC. Device, purpose, principle of operation

BITMAIN power supply recovery training

BITMAIN power supply recovery training


Repair of the ASIC power supply

The methodology for diagnosing and repairing power supply units for mining have characteristic differences in the PFC, as well as in the output keys necessary for the formation of output voltages. The fan power supply circuit has high power.

During the training, we will consider the following stages of repairing the power supply unit “Ant”, APW3, APW7, APW8, APW9, APW9 +, APW12, AVALON, Innosilicon, no-name, ZT-1800, SURMA LW1900 PG90 PLUS GOLD, Whatsminer:


  • Disassembling the UPS, dismantling the case
  • Mandatory discharge of electrolytic capacitors
  • Cleaning the internal parts from dust
  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of fuses
  • Rotation test of the fans, replace if necessary
  • Diagnostics with a multimeter (fuses, diode bridge, power transistor, output circuits for short circuit)
  • Galvanic isolation check
  • Restoring power circuits
  • Soldering connectors
  • Replacing electronic components on the board
  • Recovering the main board




Training in the repair of ASIC power supplies

The algorithm for studying troubleshooting and conducting recovery work for power supplies for miners includes the necessary list:

  • Sequence of operation of nodes of switching power supplies
  • Schematic diagrams, teaching the correct reading of diagrams
  • In-depth study, understanding of the principle of operation according to the UPS circuit diagram
  • Output voltages. Formation and stabilization schemes
  • Synchronous rectifier driver. Basic concepts, device, principle of operation
  • Controlled and unmanaged power supplies

Arrangement of elements on the board

Arrangement of elements on the board


Repair of a switching power supply

  • Diagnostics. Sequence of actions in case of malfunction of UPS components
  • Eliminating the cause of inoperability of the power supply units
  • Functionality check on the appropriate equipment, in compliance with safety measures when working with electrical installations
  • Learning to solder SMD components, microcircuits in SO-8, SO-16 packages, microcircuits in DIP packages
  • Soldering of powerful power transistors in TO-247, TO-220 cases, chokes, transformers
  • Oscilloscope check of output pulses from the PWM controller to the power switch
  • Checking the KKM key




Typical malfunctions of impulse power supplies

A power supply is a complex electronic device designed to generate various stable voltages required to power various electronic components.

During the training, we will analyze common UPS failures, namely:


  • PSU won’t turn on
  • Lack of standby voltage
  • When the load is connected, the power supply goes into protection
  • Fans do not rotate
  • Spontaneous shutdown of the PSU and turn on after 1 – 3 minutes
  • Power supply makes a clicking sound after incorrect connection of the control board
  • Mains fuse lit
  • The fuse is OK, the supply voltages are normal, while the standby unit does not start
  • When the load is connected, the output voltages drop below normal
  • Malfunctions of the PWM controller and its circuits
  • Damage to the optoelectronic isolation
  • Breakdown of key transistors
  • Changing the parameters of capacitors in the primary and secondary circuits of the UPS
  • Turn-to-turn circuit in chokes, transformers
  • Breakage of windings in inductive elements
  • Power supply does not start at rated load

PSU faults

PSU faults


Equipment and tools

During training in diagnostics and repair, the following tools are used:


  • Hot Air Soldering Station
  • Microscope, forehead lens
  • Soldering iron
  • Temperature multimeter
  • LRC-meter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Wattmeter
  • Ultraviolet Flashlight
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Tweezers
  • Nippers
  • Alloy Rose
  • Tin Lead Solder
  • UV varnish
  • No-clean soldering flux
  • Rosin
  • Degreaser – PCB cleaner
  • Soldering iron 40 W ZD 210 with desoldering pump
  • Soldering iron 80 W 350-400 g С
  • Copper braid 2.0mm and 3.0mm 1.5m
  • Hood Fume extractor ZD 153A
  • Thermal imager
  • Powerful pull-up resistor
дополнительных бонусных урока
Course duration 7 days

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Start: 27 February
There are: 1 place

Your result after training

What you will learn in the power supply repair courses:
  • Read the schematic diagram of any UPS, understand the sequence of operation of its nodes
  • Measure the voltage at test points by comparing your measurements with a circuit diagram to identify and eliminate a malfunction
  • Diagnose, analyze faults that have occurred in any PSU
  • Check the serviceability of radio components, replace them
  • Carry out repair work after previous unsuccessful repairs in third-party service centers
  • Find analogs to electronic components using the datasheet
  • Repair a UPS with damaged markings on components (burnout, illegibility, coding)
  • Replace thermal grease, repair the cooling system
  • Carry out a list of minor works (cleaning from dust, elimination of non-drips that have arisen during the operation of the power supply unit)
  • Check power electronic components with a multimeter, draw conclusions about their performance
  • Using an oscilloscope to identify malfunctions of the PWM controller, other electronic devices located on the PSU board
  • Analyze output voltages and currents, after eliminating the causes of failure
  • Identify the reasons for the inoperability of the forced cooling system

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Start: 27 February
There are: 1 place
The cost of training
36900 rubles
47900 rubles
Study now, pay later!
Take the training in installments or on credit. The installment plan is available in equal installments for 4 and 6 months, without a down payment. You can find out the terms of the loan by filling out the form by clicking the button


When the Asic power supply is turned on, the relay clicks several times. No output voltages appear. What needs to be checked?

You should start by checking the serviceability of the auxiliary power supply + 12V, KKM, PWM controller, power circuit.

The fan in the miner's PSU does not work, there is no 12 Volt. I want to learn how to repair power supplies with my own hands, is it real?

The power supply of the formation of 12 volts is possibly faulty. First, check the mains voltage. The training takes place in practice, the program contains a sufficient amount of fundamental knowledge necessary to conduct correct diagnostics and understand the operation of the UPS.

The power supply stops working for a few seconds, and after a few minutes it turns on again, and so on all the time. What could be the reason?

Overtemperature protection is most likely triggered. Pay attention to the operation of the fan. There may be internal dust from prolonged work and not carrying out routine maintenance. Inappropriate power supply or high ambient temperature. During the training, you will learn how to eliminate such breakdowns.

The power source does not turn on, and a characteristic high-frequency whistle is heard. During the check, punctured output transistors were found. When new keys are installed, they heat up to a high temperature for a minute, then fail again.

In a resonant source, the inverter is loaded onto an oscillatory circuit consisting of a choke, a primary winding of a transformer, and a capacitor. Check the waveform with an oscilloscope, if it differs from the desired diagram, eliminate the faulty element, re-check the waveform. Only then can the power switches – transistors – be soldered. The training program is built mainly on practice. You will be able to correctly troubleshoot PSU faults.

The fan is working normally, there is no 12 volt output.

Possible undervoltage of the mains (160 – 190 volts). Because of this, the power protection is triggered. Check if the power supply unit has a short circuit at the output. Most likely there is an overcurrent.

Is it possible to check a faulty transformer if all the piping and the starting circuit are in good order, and all suspicions fall on it. The power supply does not start.

To do this, you need to know the circuitry, make sure that other nodes are working. Use an oscilloscope and a PWM pulse generator. After completing training at Bgacenter, you will be able to independently identify faults in the transformer and its strapping.

I bought mining equipment. I have already learned how to restore the hash of the board, I want to master the repair of power supplies step by step. At the moment, there is a UPS with normal input voltage, the fan is not working. Possible reason?

You should start by checking the pins of the connection between the fan and the board. Make sure that the fan itself is working.

The power supply is working normally and suddenly shuts down. It does not start anymore until you switch the network. Will we study such malfunctions and their repair in the courses on repairing power supplies?

At the moment of switching on, the current protection is triggered. Instantaneous current exceeds the protection of the power supply.

The standby microcircuit in the DIP-8 case has burned out. It is not possible to determine its name; it is also impossible to determine the strapping of SMD resistors and capacitors. How to solve this problem?

It is possible to determine the ratings of components only if there is an electrical circuit diagram or an identical block. And also knowing the device, you can use the datasheet and build the harness.

Where to buy spare parts for repairing UPS asiks? During the training, tell us, give links to reliable suppliers?

In well-proven stores, online stores, from donors of the corresponding modules, where original and serviceable spare parts are clearly installed. On the course, we will start with this, we will tell you about trusted companies, both from Russia and from China, supplying spare parts for UPS repair for miners.

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