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Refox – free software for phone and tablet repairers. The program reduces the time required for Board diagnostics.

Refox - бесплатный софт

Download for free

To install it on your computer, you need to download the archive from the official website. A huge plus of the program, unlike Zillion x Work, you can choose the option for installation, both for macOS and for Windows. Before downloading, we recommend temporarily disabling your antivirus software, as antivirus software may block installation.

How to install

After downloading the archive, unpack it to the root folder on disk C. Run the program by clicking on the link refox.exe. Then we go through registration. Enter your work email address and create a password. A confirmation link is sent to your email address and you need to click on it.

Установка refox


The interface is very similar to that of Zillion x Work. In the left part of the list of phone models: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei. The image zoom increases or decreases by scrolling the mouse wheel. With a large magnification of the image of the contact pad of any chip, you can see not only the designation of the contact, but also the name of the circuit (or track) in which this element is installed. By clicking on one of the contacts, it is highlighted in red. At the same time, radio components connected to the selected element are highlighted. And also in the field at the bottom of the screen, the chain designation is “written”.

Refox iphone

Refox iphone

The program screen consists of the following main blocks:

  1. Main menu: Bitmap – selection of bitmaps, Schematik-switching to a diagram, Double View Diagram-enabling both an interactive image and a diagram at the same time, Setting-additional settings, Feedback-support
  2. Top panel: zoom Buttons, search Box, Hide sidebar Button, Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, Prev pin and Next pin – previous and next contact, Diode Value-voltage drop in the circuit, Voltage Value, voltage value
  3. Interactive diagram
  4. Menu for selecting the device model
  5. Field with the name of chains (tracks)
  6. Auxiliary menu (called by right-clicking in block 3)

Меню refox


Convenient and free assistant for repairing motherboards for phones and tablets. It is most suitable for private craftsmen and large service centers for electronics repair.

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