Refrigerator repair training

Refrigerator and freezer repair courses. 90% of the practice is filling the system with freon, replacing the evaporator, fans, sensors, dampers, seals, repairing control modules.

Start: 27 February
There are: 3 places
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Who is this course for?

For beginners
For those who want to improve their skills
For those who are looking for work
For students
For those who want to open their own SC

What you will learn

  • Diagnose refrigeration units from different manufacturers, such as: Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Gaggenau, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Liebherr, Miele, Samsung, LG
  • Replacement of units, parts of the refrigeration unit
  • Solder joints with a gas torch (copper-copper, copper-iron, copper-aluminum) using the latest types of solders
  • Read electrical diagrams
  • Eliminate malfunctions of ECU electronic control units
  • Refuel the cooling system with various brands of freons
  • Installation of built-in refrigerators, their safe removal from furniture

What will you get after the training

Выдача сертификатов
Certificate — an official document of education
After completing the training, you receive a Certificate. Your advantage when applying for a service center or company
Help with employment
Owners and managers of service centers apply to Bgacenter if there are vacancies - phone repairman or service center receiver. Therefore, there is almost always a possibility of employment in the service centers of St. Petersburg, upon completion of training and successful certification.
Компенсация обучения
Tuition compensation, 13%
By completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training

Training program


Classification, device of household refrigerators, freezers

  • Cooling circuit design:
    • With drip defrost
    • No Frost (no frost)
    • Full No Frost (with one evaporator)
    • Sibe by side
    • BioFresh
  • How modern freezers work
    • Gas-filled
    • Electrical (Peltier element)
    • Nitrogen
  • Structural elements
    • Frame
    • Compressor
    • Condenser grid
    • Evaporators (drip, No Frost)
    • Electronic control unit
    • Control module
  • Electrical equipment
    • Fans
    • Dampers
    • Sensors (temperature sensors, reed switches)
    • Solenoid valves
    • Lighting elements (incandescent lamps, LEDs)
    • Heating elements (defrost of the evaporator, heating the damper, drainage circuit)

Service plate Liebherr

Service plate Liebherr


Malfunctions of refrigerators and freezers

During the training, you will learn about the most frequent breakdowns of freezers. Which may appear when, installation:

  • does not cool
  • does not turn on
  • the compressor is running but there is no cooling
  • the freezer cools, but the refrigerator does not
  • refrigerator compressor does not work
  • the No Frost system does not work (there is no automatic defrost)
  • control module does not work
  • malfunctions of door seals, body (hinge slack, dents, violation of body geometry)

Freezing of the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber - freon leak

Freezing of the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber – freon leak


Refrigerator and freezer repair training

  • determination of malfunction by visual inspection
  • diagnostics of electrical circuits with measuring devices (multimeter)
  • refrigerator compressor replacement
  • selection of analogs (Secop, ACC, Embraco, Jiaxipera)
  • repair or replacement of the evaporator
  • replacement of fans, heating elements, dampers, sensors
  • adjustment of door canopies, replacement of seals
  • ECU repair
  • filling the circuit with freon

Compressor winding break

Compressor winding break


Training in the repair of electronic control units for refrigerators

  • schematic electrical diagrams of installations of various designs
  • malfunctions of electronic control units, ways to eliminate them
  • ECU error codes of various manufacturers
  • work in the service menu of the freezer

Control board

Control board


Freon refueling training

On the course, during practice, you will learn:

  • Freon brands, their composition, features (combustible, non-combustible)
  • safety precautions when working with freons
  • necessary equipment for filling the cooling system
  • ways of refueling refrigerators
    • by refrigerant mass
    • by system pressure
    • by temperature difference

Filling with freon

Filling with freon


Gas torch soldering training

  • MAPP gas soldering equipment
  • types of solders for various connections of the refrigeration circuit
  • methods of soldering connections from homogeneous metals, soldering of bimetallic connections
  • ensuring safety during soldering work

Brazing pipelines

Brazing pipelines


Refrigerator Repair Tools

  • Vacuum pumps, compressors (Grundfos, Espa)
  • Multimeter, Inverter Compressor Detector,
  • Solenoid Valve Tester
  • Diagnostic puncture for copper pipes of the refrigerator
  • Gauge manifolds, scales
  • Sets of keys, screwdrivers
  • Equipment and spare parts suppliers

Master tools

Master tools


Refrigerator maintenance

  • Installation, connection
  • Frequency, maintenance algorithm for units from different manufacturers
  • Adjustment of systems, setting of operating modes
  • User training in correct operation after repair to prevent device breakdown

Compressor Compartment Cleaning

Compressor Compartment Cleaning

Course duration 7 дней

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Start: 27 February
There are: 3 places

Your result after training

After completing your training at Bgacenter , you will be able to perform repairs such as:
  • Perform diagnostics of components and assemblies
  • Replace defective parts
  • Free to read circuit diagrams
  • Solder refrigeration piping
  • Diagnose, fix ECU breakdowns
  • Charge with various brands of refrigerant

Sign up for a training or get a free consultation

Start: 27 February
There are: 3 places
The cost of training
33900 rubles
44900 rubles
Study now, pay later!
Take the training in installments or on credit. The installment plan is available in equal installments for 4 and 6 months, without a down


Bosch has broken down, the freezer is working and it's warm in the refrigerator.

One of the most common malfunctions of the No Frost system. You cannot fix this on your own. Most often, a sensor or defrost fuse is replaced. We recommend contacting a repairman or training at Bgacenter.

Ice in the freezer. How to proceed?

The drain is most likely clogged. It is necessary to completely defrost and clean the drainage channels. Check the presence and serviceability of the heating element for defrosting drainage. Carry out maintenance on the unit.

The compressor of the refrigeration unit is heating up, what is broken?

Several reasons can lead to this: compressor jamming, freon leakage, breakdown of the compressor cooling fan, capillary clogging. You will be able to identify the real cause and then repair the breakdown yourself after completing practical training.

The door seal has torn. How to replace it yourself?

It is important to determine the profile of the seal, the way it is attached. Disassemble carefully so as not to damage the door. Then install the magnetic seal. Independently, you can replace the thorn-groove seal.

The light is off, what should I do?

You should start by replacing the light bulb. You can do this yourself. Depending on the manufacturer, there are different types of ceiling mounts. Possible defective electrical circuit or ECU. Training in this program includes troubleshooting electrical equipment for freezer units.

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