Reviews on soldering and repair phones training

Joshkun completed soldering training

It was a cool course. If there were more such courses, there would be much more good masters.
I work in a big company. My responsibilities include repairing equipment for employees. After the introduction of an electronic accounting system, everyone was given tablets, and I realized that I would have to study again.
I had no problems with radio engineering, but it turned out to be useful to repeat. I realized that a lot has already been forgotten. Yes, and there are still differences. I can’t say that I needed all this directly, but it’s useful, I think.
The amount of practice is just 5+. For example, before I had to solder very rarely, and now with the growth of technology at work, I needed to do this more often and at a certain level, which I did not have. In general, these courses turned out to be really useful (and this is rare, believe me, I was constantly sent to learn something at work).
Of course, it is possible to make a distinction according to the level of training, because on introductory topics, what is necessary for experienced people like me can be fit into one lesson. This is a recommendation, because people will come, and some are limited in time, they do not need to repeat this, but quickly get to know new architectures or learn how to solder normally. But this is more my opinion than a comment.

Nikolai completed a course on repairing smartphones and tablets

I always liked to deal with phones and other small electronics, so I decided to make it my profession. I tried to get a job in various services, but they either required education (for me, alas, it did not work out for a number of reasons), or the work consisted of running instead of a courier and describing the devices when receiving. In general, not what I wanted (well, the salary, respectively, too).
Then I got a job at another service center, and my boss offered me phone repair courses at Bgacenter. He even said that he would pay, and then he would withhold a little from his salary. I agreed.
I liked the course from the first minute. There is so much equipment, you can touch and try everything. The most important thing for me is a lot of practice. We discussed all topics in great detail. The teacher answered all the questions asked by the students on the course. If something didn’t work out, they didn’t just say “wrong!”, but once again showed how to do it right.
Now I already work as a master in the service. I even have regular customers (not so many, but this is a matter of time). If I work well, the employer will send me to motherboard soldering courses, I really want to study this too.

Oleg completed a laptop repair program

Hello. I want to say thank you, but at the same time share it with those who are just thinking about whether to go to these courses.
I’ve been trying to repair laptops for three years now. In general, I always succeeded in cleaning and reinstalling. But when I came across real breakdowns in hardware, I had to give customers to my competitors. Many clients left me for this reason, and I was not happy with this situation. I had to study. I tried to learn from video lessons myself, but it didn’t work.
I enrolled the course at BGAcenter. I was a little worried that there would again be a lot of theory and zero practice (there was a sad experience of such a study). But I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the course.
I want to say special thanks to Alexander, he explained everything very sensibly, showed me where I made mistakes.
The most valuable thing that I learned from the courses is not only a lot of new practical skills, but also a very convenient working algorithm for the laptop and PC wizard. Now I’m doing diagnostics much faster, but deeper, it takes less time to determine the breakdown. And the repair has become more efficient, customers are satisfied.
I plan to expand the business soon, and I hope to cooperate with you as an employer.

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