Soldering equipment  

What equipment to equip the service center: bga soldering and all that is needed for it

Tips from the bgacenter training center technicians

The success of a  service center for telephone repair depends on high-quality and timely repair. This is directly related to two important points: the availability of relevant spare parts and the equipping of the service center with convenient and modern equipment and tools. Bgacenter teachers share their experiences and recommend carefully choosing tools and equipment for the service center. In this article, we will consider equipment for soldering the boards of phones and tablets.

Soldering equipment

Laboratory power supply KORAD KA3005D

Microscope СМ0745 (Altami)

METCAL PS-900 induction soldering station

Hot Air Soldering Station Quick 861DE ESD Lead Free

Soldering iron KSGER  (Hakko T12)

Multimeter Fluke 15B +

RLC-meter tweezers multimeter

Dremel Dremel for cutting chips

Thermal imager (for short circuit search on the board):

  • Flir One Pro iOS
  • Seek Thermal Compact Pro


  • IP Box 3
  • JC PCIE 8
  • to adjust the auto brightness iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X / XS / XS Max / XR

iBridge (Qianli) diagnostic cable for iPhone 6

iPower (Qianli)

Board Diagnostic Stand Х, XS, XS MAX

Board heaters:

Professional tool for repairing iPhone frames

IPhone Diagnostic Cable



  • Zillion x Work

Tools and fixtures

Qianli ceramic knife set (for cleaning the compound)

Compound Cleaning Knife Qianli 008

Stencils G-Lon for iPhone

Stencils AMAOE for Android

IPhone Soldering Motherboard Holder Shape

Copper heatsink for cooling chips

Motherboard clamps:


Consumables for repair

BGA soldering flux:

Solder paste (MECHANIK)

Petrol BR-2 “Kalosha”

Protective varnish for motherboards (black) Mechanic HY-UVH900



In order to choose equipment for soldering, there are several options:

  • buy different equipment and constantly test it in work;
  • read specialized forums and chats in consultation with the masters;
  • come to bgacenter and work on different equipment (from budget to professional).

Choose what is right for you.

After completing soldering and repair training at Bgacenter, you can competently choose equipment and equip a service center with everything necessary for the development of your business. Bgacenter instructors will recommend what equipment and tools are needed for bga soldering.

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