Get a loan for training on repairing phones and laptops will help you quickly start a career

Training a new profession is always expensive especially when training is really high-quality. However, it is not always possible to invest the necessary amount in your future. A popular solution in this case is a student loan. The Bgacenter Board Diagnostics and Soldering Training Center is also ready to help beginners start in the field of electronic gadget repair.

About BGAcenter

“Bgacenter” is the only highly specialized training center in Russia that operates on the basis of a state license for training. This means that the received document on education will be significant for the potential employer or client. What are the benefits of our training courses?

- In the process of training, we use only professional equipment and materials for diagnosis and repair, soldering stations and soldering irons;
- Teaching staff. Each of the teachers is a practicing professional technician repair master who has not only confident knowledge, but also practical experience. Often, the knowledge that teachers convey to students goes beyond the standard instructions, tutorials and reference books;
- Unique training programs that include up to 90 % of practical exercises. The basis of the training courses is the development of practical skills in diagnostics, circuitry and soldering of phone and laptop boards;
- Our training center is officially licensed, the documents of the courses are legally valid.

Of course, training is not free. This is due to the need to pay teachers’ salaries, rent and maintain an office, upgrade equipment, and refill supplies. And the cost of training can be expensive, especially for those who are just starting their career.

Loan is an easy way to start education

We cooperate with several banks that are ready to provide a loan or installment plan on comfortable conditions for training in repairing phones and laptops. What are the advantages of such a solution?

- You can begin training and bring closer the beginning of your professional career;
- It is much easier to repay a loan, having a quality education in a highly paid profession;
- Thanks to an agreement with a partner bank, you can get a loan on the spot;
- You get a loan without any extra overpayments.

As a result, you will master the demanded and highly paid profession: technician of repair phones, laptops and soldering of boards.

Who is this solution suitable for?

Training on repairing phones and laptops on credit will be interesting to those who:

- Graduates of schools and colleges who want to become professionals in the field of repair of electronics and radio engineering;
- People who decide to change qualifications due to instability in the labor market and lack of work in their specialty;
- Masters who want to increase their level in order to be eligible for a more decent payment.