Display recovery technician


Phone: +7 (800) 511-21-29
Works at: BGAcenter
Experience: 5 years

Display modules replacement was my hobby, which became a business. Several years of employment in the service center allowed me to thoroughly study the specifics of glass restoration on phones and tablets. Then I realized that by working for myself, I could master the display replacement of an even larger product group.
After the final decision was made, it turned out to find money for a set of equipment of the TBK company. We rented a room, created a Clean Room, set up equipment, bought bits (broken displays) and debugged business processes. Initially, we restored only displays from Apple smartphones, then we mastered the display replacement of tablets, and then Samsung displays.
How we started to teach. A year ago, we received a call from the head of the service center from Norilsk, with a proposal to train phone repair technicians for display replacement. The niche in Norilsk was not occupied and there was no competition at all. As a result, we agreed on the price and it was our first customer to teach display replacement.
The main character traits of display restoration technician: scrupulousness and pedantry. And only thanks to these qualities you can achieve high quality in display restoration.