Maxim Isaev

The head of the service center. Training in modular and software repair of phones and tablets.

Work experience 7 years

Training in modular and software repair of phones and tablets. 8 years – head of an electronics repair service center.

I believe that your team is one of the components of the success of any company. And no matter what you do, in whatever field you do not put your efforts; professional people who surround you, contribute to your development. In bgacenter

7 years ago, when the service center needed to find new employees, we decided to create a training center for repairing phones, tablets and laptops. At first, we trained masters for our service center; and after obtaining an educational license, we opened courses for everyone. During this time, 670 masters from different cities studied under various programs at Bgacenter.

Now the training in phone repair and bga soldering is based on practical exercises, this contributes to the rapid development of diagnostics and repair.

Start 12 December

Electronics Training

The electronics basics training program is designed for beginners to understand electrical and radio engineering.

Start 5 December

Soldering training

Board diagnostics, circuit reading, soldering of bga chips, cleaning of the compound, restoration of nickels and tracks

30% discount
Start 12 December

Phone Repair Training

Replacement of battery, display, cables, phone and tablet cases. iOS and Android firmware. Basics of BGA soldering

Start 12 December

TV repair training

In the training program, diagnostics and common malfunctions of modern TV and monitors are studied in practice.

Start 19 December

Phone Repair Business: Easy Start

The phone repair business is a niche in which, by properly configuring business processes, you can get a stable and high income.