The iphone 6 sensor does not work

Максим Исаев
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iPhone 6 diagnostics

The bgacenter received an iPhone 6 Plus with a deformed case and a reported “Sensor not working” malfunction.

It was not possible to complete the full acceptance of the device, therefore, the risks were agreed upon with the client after the touchscreen repair at the component level.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case is often deformed by cutting the volume buttons and the power button, and a malfunction occurs – the sensor does not work, which is a consequence of a violation of the soldering of the touchscreen controllers.

It was decided to replace U2401 and U2402.

The iphone 6 sensor does not work

How to diagnose iPhone 6 Plus faults:

  • Disable display module.
  • Visually inspect the board for mechanical damage and traces of water. Be sure to check the integrity of the bushings.
  • There were no signs of soldering on the board, the bushings were not damaged, there was no water in the phone.
  • We connected a known-good original display module in order to eliminate the malfunction of the client display. The sensor did not work.
  • The soldering of the terminals of the CUMULUS and MESON microcircuits is allegedly broken.

iPhone 6 sensor not working: repair instruction:

  • Removed the Board from the phone case.
  • A multimeter in diode continuity mode took readings with connectors J2401 that is designed for the connection of a touchscreen.

  • The connection of the J2401 connector with the U2402 chip is not broken.
    In order to make sure that the microcircuits are powered, we performed voltage measurements in the power supply circuits of the touchscreen controllers. Namely: PN5V7_SAGE_AVDDN, PP5V7_SAGE_AVDDH, PP5V1_GRAPE_VDDH, PP1V8_GRAPE. The measurement results showed that the voltages of the client phone correspond to the voltages of the working board.
  • They dismantled the touchscreen controllers by installing a heat sink on the central processor.
  • Prepared contact pads.
  • With a multimeter, in the diode dialing mode, we took readings from the contacts. Make sure that the readings match the data in the ZXW.

  • We prepared microcircuits U2401 and U2402 from the “donor” board.
  • We soldered the microcircuits to the board being repaired, positioning them by the key.
  • Connected to a laboratory power supply, made sure that there was no short circuit.

  • Installed the board in the phone
  • Turned on iPhone 6 Plus
  • After loading the operating system, the sensor began to work.
  • We checked the operation of the touchscreen over the entire area: the upper and lower curtains, the search bar.
  • Repair completed.


When the iPhone 6 sensor does not work – repair is performed within 40 minutes. The cost of replacing two chips-CUMULUS and MESON is in the service centers of St. Petersburg from 4000 rubles. During soldering training, in bgacenter, you will learn how to make such repairs.


iphone 6 не работает сенсор. Ремонт в Bgacenteriphone 6 не работает сенсор. Ремонт в Bgacenter
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