Training on credit or by installments

Learning to repair phones and laptops on credit is a really easy career start.


Learning a good craft is always a costly campaign, especially when the training is really high-quality. However, it is not always possible to invest the necessary amount in your future.


A popular civilized solution is a student loan. The center for training in diagnostics and soldering of boards “Bgacenter” is also ready to help novice craftsmen start in the field of repair of electronic gadgets.

Обучение в кредит или рассрочку

About us

Bgacenter is the only highly specialized training center in Russia that carries out its activities on the basis of an appropriate license. This means that the received document on passing the courses has authority in the eyes of a potential employer or a significant client. But what is hidden behind these formulations?

  • A powerful material and technical base. We are not one of those who tell “on the fingers”. Teachers have at their disposal not only training stands, but also the necessary professional equipment for diagnostics, soldering stations and soldering irons;
  • The teaching staff. Each of the employees is a practicing professional repair master who has not only confident knowledge, but also practical experience. Often the wisdom that the masters-teachers
  • They are passed on to listeners, go beyond the standard instructions, self-help books and reference books;
  • Unique training programs that include up to 90 % of practical classes. The main emphasis is on the development of practical skills – in diagnostics, circuit design and soldering of phone and laptop boards;
  • Our activities are licensed, the documents on the completion of the courses are legally valid.

Of course, as an educational center, training is not free of charge. This is due to the need to pay for the work of teachers, rent and maintain premises, update equipment, replenish consumables. But this amount may not be small, especially for those who are just starting their career.

Credit: an easy way to get access to education

We cooperate with several banks that are ready to provide a loan or installment plan, on comfortable terms for training as a master in repairing phones and laptops. What are the advantages of such a solution?

  • You can not delay the start of training and bring the moment of the beginning of your professional career closer;
  • It is much easier to pay off a loan with a high-quality education in a highly paid profession;
  • Thanks to an agreement with a partner bank, everything is processed on the spot;
  • You get a loan without extra overpayments.

As a result, you become a professional master, get a profession that is now in demand and well paid – a master in repairing phones, laptops or soldering boards. After that, having already received a decent payment, you pay the loan to the bank on acceptable terms.

Who is this solution suitable for?

Training in repairing phones and laptops on credit will be interesting to many:

  • Graduates of schools and technical schools who want to become professionals in the field of electronics and radio repair;
  • People who decided to change their qualifications due to instability in the labor market and lack of work in their specialty;
  • For masters who want to increase their level in order to get the right to a more decent payment.

You can ask us any questions by phone or in person, to the administrator of the center

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