Training with employment in a service center

Planning your career in advance is a useful action. There is much more motivation and confidence in the future in general, when you clearly know where and how you will work. But is it always possible to plan a career at the beginning of your studies?


First of all, an educational institution can help in this (and effectively). Bgacenter-helps its graduates find employment. We do everything so that every master of repairing phones, laptops or soldering bga has the opportunity to earn with their knowledge and skills

Обучение с трудоустройством в сервисный центр

Principles of operation of the training center

Before describing in more detail the approach to training specialists, we note that Bgacenter is a unique, narrow-profile training center, the only one in the Russian Federation that has a License to carry out educational activities. It is this narrow focus that allows us to achieve high-quality knowledge and skills of future masters-graduates of Bgacenter. This is achieved thanks to the following principles of operation:

  • Emphasis on practice. The theory is given only in the volume necessary for the work. The future phone repair master spends the most time working on educational and real equipment. In the process, just the necessary skills are formed, and not just arrays of knowledge are accumulated;
  • Availability of training — students can apply for a training loan. As a result, many of them can successfully (and ahead of schedule) repay it immediately after graduation;
  • Only practicing cadres. The students are taught by masters who have extensive repair experience, have encountered non-standard situations, are able to demonstrate everything to novice masters in phone repair and bga soldering. They help to develop the necessary skills and techniques during the repair of real devices;
  • Assistance in finding employment. The main question that arises before any graduate is the choice, or rather the search for a job. It is this question that we help to solve for those who diligently treated the training and successfully passed the certification.

How do we solve the issue of employment of Bgacenter graduates

In addition to our own service center, where we accept the best phone repair specialists. Almost constantly we receive applications from service centers, not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other regions.

A certificate of the established sample is an additional advantage when applying for employment. It is important for many managers and owners of services to have an employee on their staff who has official training documents.

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