TV repair training

In the training program, diagnostics and common malfunctions of modern TV and monitors are studied in practice.

Start: 12 December
There are: 2 places
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Who is this course for?

For beginners
For those who want to improve their skills
For those who are looking for work
For students
For those who want to open their own SC

What will you learn

  • Repair of power supplies of different types and manufacturers
  • Solder components on the TV board
  • Shoot without damage to the matrix up to 65 inch diagonal
  • Diagnose motherboards of TVs and power supplies
  • LCD monitor backlight repair

What will you get after the training

Выдача сертификатов
Certificate — an official document of education
After completing the training, you receive a Certificate. Your advantage when applying for a service center or company
Help with employment
Owners and managers of service centers apply to Bgacenter if there are vacancies - phone repairman or service center receiver. Therefore, there is almost always a possibility of employment in the service centers of St. Petersburg, upon completion of training and successful certification.
Компенсация обучения
Tuition compensation, 13%
By completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training

Training program

TV repair training is a practical course. It includes all the necessary set of skills and abilities that will be used by a TV repairman in his work. In the training program, in practice, the diagnosis of common malfunctions of modern TVs and monitors, as well as methods for eliminating breakdowns, is studied.


Basic concepts

  • How the TV works
  • General setup
  • Classification of modern TVs
  • Types of TV (LCD, CRT, Plasma)

Modern TV

Modern TV


TV device

  • Frame
  • SOI (information display tool)
  • Power Supply. Construction, device, principle of operation. The concept of standby and working modes
  • Motherboard. Composition, main units Main Board SSB (processor, memory (NAND Flash, EEPROM, SPI Flash), power buses, voltage stabilizers, VLF audio frequency amplifier, connectors)
  • TV timing controller. Appointment, principle of operation. LCD panel connection.
  • Backlight unit. TV backlight (lamp and LED). Illumination device, principle of operation. LED backlighting, varieties (LED direct, EDGE). CCFL lamp
  • USB, HDMI, RCA, RF antenna input
  • Remote Control. Universal remotes. IR receiver

Block diagrams of TVs

  • Block diagram (general)
  • Block diagram of TV nodes
  • Circuitry
  • Service manuals

Major malfunctions

  • No sound
  • Vertical and horizontal stripes on the screen
  • Software malfunction
  • Damage to the power supply
  • Image distortion on the matrix
  • Remote control does not work
  • No picture
  • HDMI, USB, RSA inputs do not work

Detection of damage to the TV matrix

Detection of damage to the TV matrix


Equipment, tools for TV repair

  • Hand tools
  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • ESR-meter
  • Laboratory power supply
  • Programmers (RT809F, POSTAL-3, CH341A, PROMAN, ENTT, UFPI)
  • Microscope
  • Hot Air Soldering Station
  • PCB heater

Inspecting the USB and HDMI Connectors

Inspecting the USB and HDMI Connectors



  • Customer service. Filling in the repair order form. Customer base training
  • Visual inspection of the LCD TV matrix
  • Chipped front panel
  • Lack of power buttons
  • Remote control buttons state
  • Network wire integrity
  • Service menu (enter the menu, adjustments required)
  • Working with measuring equipment

Oscilloscope diagnostics

Oscilloscope diagnostics


TV repair

  • TV software repair. BIOS firmware training. Flash memory firmware. Recommended Internet resources: KenotronTV,,,
  • Training in the repair of a TV matrix if restoration is possible (in agreement with the client)
  • LCD TV backlight LED replacement. The sequence of detaching the matrix TV:
    • снятие передней панели
    • disassembly of the case
    • removing the front panel
    • neat removal of the matrix
    • dismantling of reflective filters
    • removing the reflection filter from the housing
    • detaching LED strips
    • peeling off the lenses from the LED strips marked as they were
    • LED inspection
    • removing the LED diode using a soldering station (hairdryer)
  • Dip smd (surface mount) and bga (ball array) soldering training
  • Repair of power supplies (primary and secondary circuits). Diagnostics of the operation of the PWM controller, diode bridge. Inverter repair.
  • Check out the TV from the repair center. Filling out the warranty card.

Measuring the supply voltage of the USB connector at the +5 V terminal

Measuring the supply voltage of the USB connector at the +5 V terminal

Course duration 7 days

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Start: 12 December
There are: 2 places

Your result after training

What you will learn in the TV repair course:
  • Diagnose the TV system board with a multimeter and an oscilloscope, at test points
  • Program memory chips SPI Flash, EEPROM, NAND Flash
  • Replace the backlight in LCD TVs
  • Shoot matrix (32 to 65 inches) TV, no damage
  • Install LCD display while maintaining the integrity of the loops
  • Repair power supplies
  • Rebuild Main module at component level
  • Solder SMD components, BGA chips

Reviews of graduates

Обучение ремонту телевизоров


Мастер из Санкт-Петербурга

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Start: 12 December
There are: 2 places
The cost of training
33900 rubles
43900 rubles
Study now, pay later!
Take the training in installments or on credit. The installment plan is available in equal installments for 4 and 6 months, without a down payment. You can find out the terms of the loan by filling out the form by clicking the button


Will I learn how to remove a matrix from an LCD TV without damaging it? I'm interested in a 49-inch diagonal.

Yes, you can learn how to dismantle, install a 49-inch LCD matrix. The complexity at this stage increases starting from the size of the TV diagonal of 47 inches.

Will I be able to repair the TV power supply myself after completing the courses?

Yes. Since the training program has a section where, in practice, the repair of a power supply unit at the component level is considered. What is really relevant today. This will require less restoration costs.

The firmware of the TV has flown, will you teach me how to restore the software?

Software recovery is included in the monitor repair course. Practical lessons with programmers are carried out starting from the 4th day of training. You will learn where to get a working firmware, how to write it to a memory chip.

Will I be able to learn how to solder SMD LEDs on a ruler?

In the hot air soldering station, you will be soldering the LEDs. And also master the technology of adjusting the lenses to eliminate glare on the TV screen. You will learn how to properly mount LED lenses on a ruler.

Buttons on the remote control partially do not work, how can I fix it?

In the course you will learn how to repair remote controls of different models. Including disassembling the remotes without damage, restore non-working buttons. And also solder conductive tracks under a microscope.

I received a TV after another SC with an inoperative backlight unit in the service. I diagnosed the backlight, it turned out to be working. The backlight driver is damaged. Will I learn how to solder chips in a TSOP package?

During training, you can not only unsolder the backlight driver, but also diagnose it using a multimeter. Learn about the interchangeability of microcircuits.

The TV turns on, reacts to the remote control, there is a soundtrack, the matrix backlight is visible (light gray background), while there is no image. Where to start diagnostics?

During the course on repairing TVs, you will study the structure and operation of the matrix, the nodes of the formation of various voltages for its operation. Diagnostics can begin with checking the supply voltages of the matrix. After that, check for a signal from the timing controller to the display connector. Check the reliability of the connection of the connector. Then you can repair such damage yourself.

There is no sound on the LCD TV. The adjustment scale on the screen runs from minimum to maximum values. I checked the speakers, they are working properly. ULF is working properly. But there is no sound, there is also no sound through the earpiece. What to fix?

It is necessary to check the feedback and supply voltages at the ULF. Make sure that the isolation capacitors between the speakers and the microcircuit are in good condition. Solder the ULF microcircuit, check the integrity of the strapping. Make sure that digital or analogue signals are being input to this amplifier, depending on your TV model. In this course, the existing malfunction, methods of elimination will be described in detail. You will not have any questions with the elimination of such a breakdown in the future.

After turning on the TV, everything works fine. There is an image, soundtrack, picture quality is good. After a short time of work, about 5 - 7 minutes, color distortion begins. The image becomes negative, and then one color is set, the picture is not visible. How to proceed?

In case of such a malfunction, it begins by checking the supply voltages of the Gamma corrector. If voltages are present, check the output voltages, from minimum to maximum, on this microcircuit. Be sure to make sure that the matrix is ​​in good working order. When examining motherboards, let us examine in detail the sequence of forming image signals on the TV screen. Algorithm for eliminating this defect.

There is no image on the monitor from the left edge to the middle, while the second part of the screen is working properly. Can this malfunction be eliminated?

This defect occurs when various components of the monitor are inoperative. It is important to make sure that there are voltages supplying the monitor display, if they are absent, check the voltage from the power supply and stabilizers. Check if SMD capacitors are in good condition. On the TV repair course, you will learn how to identify and eliminate such defects.

The client decided to independently repair the backlight in his TV. Having seen enough videos on YouTube, while dismantling the matrix, I tore the train from the bar. Is it realistic to restore it?

If the plume is torn off the matrix glass, then it is not possible to repair the damage without special precision equipment (the price of the machine is very high and the procedure is not cost-effective (1-3 dies per year). you will learn the recovery process by taking a course on repairing monitors.

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