Washing machine repair training

Training in the repair of washing machines and dishwashers. 85% of the practice of replacing the electric motor, sensors, firmware of the control module.

Start: 20 February
There are: 2 places
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Who is this course for?

For beginners
For those who want to improve their skills
For those who are looking for work
For students
For those who want to open their own SC

What you will learn

  • Correctly diagnose, identify the cause of the malfunction
  • Troubleshoot washing machines yourself
  • Replacing the electrolytic capacitors of electronic modules
  • Repair, firmware of control units
  • Connect SMA

What will you get after the training

Выдача сертификатов
Certificate — an official document of education
After completing the training, you receive a Certificate. Your advantage when applying for a service center or company
Help with employment
Owners and managers of service centers apply to Bgacenter if there are vacancies - phone repairman or service center receiver. Therefore, there is almost always a possibility of employment in the service centers of St. Petersburg, upon completion of training and successful certification.
Компенсация обучения
Tuition compensation, 13%
By completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training

Training program


Faults in washing machines and dishwashers

    • Does not wring out, does not drain, leaks
    • Extraneous noise during operation
    • Does not collect, does not heat water
    • Sensor malfunction
    • Sticky buttons
    • Unstable drum speed
    • The hatch door does not open (water inside the machine, does not respond to buttons)
    • During operation, it freezes in the middle of the cycle, then stops

    Learning how to troubleshoot AGR in practice:

    • Replacing the drum drive, shock absorbers, sensors
    • Replacing the heating element, temperature sensor
    • Replacing the pump, nozzles, drain hose
    • Replacing bearings, shock absorbers, washing machine (dishwasher)
    • Replacing the brushes of the electric motor

Washing machine breakdow

Washing machine breakdow


Washing machine design

  • Governing bodies
  • Connection connectors
  • Mechanical components (Tank, drum, loading hatch, filler pipes, drain hoses, cuffs, hatch frame, check valve, pipes, bearings)
  • Electronic components (Electronic controller (control board) controller, drive motor, sensors, actuators

Types, types of washing machines

  • manual 
  • semi-automatic
  • automatic (vertical, front-loading) 
  • ultrasonic




Electronic control units. Purpose, principle of operation

  • Circuitry and electronics
  • Schematic diagrams of washing machines and dishwashers 
  • Varieties of modules in the SMA: 
    • EVO-1 
    • EVO-2 
    • ARCADIA-1,2,3
  • Typical malfunctions, component level repair
  • Replacing software using programmers
  • MERLONI key concept
  • The device of LG and SAMSUNG control modules. Repair features
  • Installing the software:
    • BEKO
    • ARDO
    • CANDY
    • KAISER
    • HANSA
  • Washing machine error codes. How to work with them when they appear on the display.

Module EVO II SW

Module EVO II SW


Executive devices

  • Washing machine door lock. UBL operating modes. Door lock control
  • Filling valves. Appointment. Principle of operation. Functional test with a multimeter
  • Pressostat. Types (electronic, mechanical). How it works
  • Drain pump pump. Device, check, repair
  • Electric heating element with NTC. Control circuits, fault diagnosis 
  • Asynchronous motor. Reasons for failure to work. Tachometer device, check with a multimeter and an oscilloscope
  • Laundry drums. (Vertical, frontal). Mounting methods. Shock absorbers. Counterweights
  • Features of drum drive designs: LG, INDESIT

Collector motor

Collector motor


Installation, connection, commissioning

  • Room selection, surface preparation for installation
  • Set the horizontal zero using the building level, adjusting the height of the legs. Stability check
  • Connection to the water inlet. Checking the presence of a cleaning filter
  • Connecting the drain hose to the sewer (above the drum level)
  • Connecting the power wire to the outlet through a circuit breaker with an RCD (at least 16A)
  • For cleaning after purchase or repair, add powder, start the washing machine
  • At the end of the wash cycle, make sure there are no leaks, abnormal noise and vibration during operation




Washing machine board repair training

  • Soldering bga microcircuits, soldering SMD elements
  • Replacing the microcontroller
  • Power triac test
  • Relay Fault Detection
  • Repair of the power submodule

Board repair

Board repair


Instruments and measuring devices

  • Screwdriver set (flat, Phillips)
  • Set of wrenches, caps, ratchet
  • Tweezers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, hammer
  • Bearing puller
  • Rubber hammer (mallet)
  • Hot air soldering station, 80 W soldering iron
  • Multimeter, screwdriver with indication
  • Programmers for flashing control modules: USBDM, CH341A

Training to work with a multimeter and an oscilloscope

Training to work with a multimeter and an oscilloscope

Course duration 6 days

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Start: 20 February
There are: 2 places

Your result after training

After completing your training at Bgacenter , you will be able to perform repairs such as:
  • Replace faulty components and assemblies
  • Read circuit diagrams of automatic washing machines, understand them
  • Find faulty circuits on the board, solder, replace with a soldering iron and hair dryer
  • Program, use the programmer to change software
  • Eliminate common faults

Reviews of graduates

Курсы пайки телефонов


г. Череповец
Обучение электронике


г. Ижевск
Бизнес по ремонту телефонов


Руководитель сервисного центра THE.СЕРВИС

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Start: 20 February
There are: 2 places
The cost of training
33900 rubles
38900 rubles
Study now, pay later!
Take the training in installments or on credit. The installment plan is available in equal installments for 4 and 6 months, without a down


I have an INDESIT machine. Such a malfunction: it turns on, then the indicator slowly goes out, then blinks periodically. At the same time, it does not respond to buttons. Where to look?

First of all, check the performance of the power supply. If the power supply u

I want to take a repair course on credit, is it possible?

You can arrange either an installment plan or a loan at your discretion. Each study program has a form where you can calculate your monthly payment.

The washer does not spin during spinning. What to do?

Frequent malfunction. Do the following:

  • Check that the laundry is loaded evenly in the drum
  • If everything is normal, diagnose the motor control circuits using an oscilloscope.
Is it possible to learn how to repair washing machines in Moscow?

Yes. At the moment, only in St. Petersburg. If you gather a group of 8 people or more, we are ready to coordinate the departure of the teacher to any region of the Russian Federation. More information about field training can be found by calling the administrator of the training center, tel. 8 (800) 511 2129

I bought a USBDM programmer. How to reprogram the INDESIT washing machine?

It is necessary to choose the right software according to the tag on the typewriter. If this is done correctly, then diagnose the malfunction, and then proceed to replace the microcontroller and re-program it.

Interested in free courses on how to repair washing machines?

There is a free trial lesson for this course. Additionally, we offer discounts for the second and subsequent programs. Call the administrator of the training center by phone. +79119395521 and personal discounts will be agreed upon for you, subject to training in several programs.

The GORENJE washing machine does not heat up the water during washing. At the end of the wash cycle, it gives an error F1. What kind of repairs to do?

Check temperature sensor and power circuits. Replace the sensor if necessary.

How often do you teach washing machine repair lessons?

As with all other training programs, there is a timetable. According to Federal Law 273, such a schedule is drawn up for the academic year. We recruit washing machine repair groups approximately once a month.

The washer turns on, fills in water, when you try to wash it turns off. What to fix?

Check the performance of the induction motor. If the motor is working properly, identify the reason for the lack of voltage supplied to the motor. Pay attention to wear on brushes, replace brushes if necessary. 

Can you conduct online courses on repairing washing machines?

All courses at Bgacenter are held in person only. Come to St. Petersburg for training. The course on the repair of washing machines is conducted in an intensive format and is designed for 6 days. Face-to-face classes are much more effective than online.

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