Wi-fi does not work in iphone  

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Repair wi-fi, replace the module and restore the wi-fi function on the example of iPhone 7

An example of a real task and the use of bga soldering for repair a device

In today’s world, few people will remain indifferent to the situation when the wi-fi module has stopped working in your device. Using the iPhone 7 as an example, we will show you how to find and eliminate this malfunction – we will return the much-needed function to the device and delight its owner. At bgacenter, we will teach you how to make money on such repairs.

iPhone 7 diagnostics

Customer brought iPhone 7 for repair at bgacenter with fault: wi-fi is not working

Не работает Wi-Fi iPhone 7

Most often, such a malfunction occurs after the device falls.

Further, several scenarios are possible:

  • lack of one of the power supplies on the chip,
  • “Dump” microcircuit, that is, a violation of soldering,
  • cracks in the board,
  • after a failed repair in another service.

Wi-fi does not work in iphone

After disassembling the phone, we made a visual inspection of the board for the presence of:

  • mechanical damage, including cracks in the circuit board,
  • soldering traces
  • damaged components
  • sleeve integrity
  • moisture penetration.

Inspection of the board showed nothing.

It was decided to measure the voltage in the power circuits of the WLAN_RF chip.

All voltages correspond to the voltages indicated in the circuit and the voltages of a fully operational telephone.

Ремонт Wi-Fi iPhone 7 в bgacenter

The following problems are possible:

  • Wi-Fi module is defective,
  • the soldering of the microcircuit pins is broken.

It was decided to dismantle the Wi-Fi module.

Repair sequence:

  • We cleaned the compound around the perimeter of the chip.
  • We fixed the board in the heater of the Thermopro STM 10-6 boardsРемонт Wi-Fi
  • We set the temperature controller to 300 degrees Celsius, thereby warming up the board to a temperature of approximately 120 degrees. This temperature of the board allows you to safely perform the dismantling of the chip.
  • Using a hot air soldering station, Quick 861 DE soldered the chip from the boardСпаяли микросхему с платы
  • A pad was prepared using a braid and the solder was removed. Then we cleared the remaining compound.
  • We measured the resistance of the contacts used. Resistances correspond to a working phone.
  • Then we restored the damaged contacts on the contact pad.Восстановление контактов на контактной площадке iPhone 7
  • We soldered the WLAN_RF chip by key, having previously rebooted it.

During the installation of Wi-Fi, heat sinks were used in order to prevent overheating of adjacent chips.

Пайка Wi-Fi iPhone 7

Before turning on the phone, we made sure that there was no short circuit by connecting the board to the laboratory power supply and applying voltage to it.

Then we installed the board in the phone case, turned on and checked the iPhone – the Wi-Fi chip is active.

Проверка Wi-Fi в bgacenter


If wi-fi does not work in iPhone 7, the repair takes about 1 hour. Repair cost “Wi-fi does not work in iPhone 7” for a retail client, in service centers of St. Petersburg starts from 8000 rubles. If you want to learn how to carry out such repairs, consider the Soldering Training program at BGAcenter.

Ремонт iPhone 7 в bgacenter, не работает Wi-Fi

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