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Software for service center: WU XIN JI

Tutorials from Bgacenter teachers


WU XIN JI is paid software developed by Chinese masters, an analog of Zillion X Work.

Installation Instructions

In order to install the program on a laptop, you need to download the installer from the manufacturer’s website https://wuxinji.com/

The key (flash drive) can be ordered on Aliexpress.

Choose a reliable supplier, focus on the rating and the number of orders.

WU XIN JI review

In order to run the program, you need to click on the shortcut on the desktop

Then it connects to the server and the first screen opens.


Here is the first screen that appears when you run the soft



  • Android phones: Samsung, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, MEIZU and smartphones of other manufacturers have been worked out in detail.
  • The PC display is divided into two parts, which is convenient, and can work with both sides of the Board at the same time.


The voltage drop in the lines is indicated.


In the Mainboard section, chips are indicated.



Servers are loaded for a long time, especially when you turn on the program.


After extensive testing and comparing WU XIN JI with ZXW Tools, bgacenter teachers favored the latter. It’s much more convenient to use Zillion. Therefore, we can recommend ZXW Tools for purchase. How and where to buy it you can ask the administrator by calling tel. +7 (812) 425-68-78.

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