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ZHow to install and activate Zillion

In order to install the software on your computer you must:

  • Download the installation files from the official ZXWtools website.
  • Register in your personal account and create your own account.
  • Purchased remotely on Aliexpress username and password from the account.

Notation in Zillion

The program interface is thought out to the smallest detail. Convenient software for diagnostics and repair of phones and tablets.

Zillion x Work - the program interface

Zillion x Work – the program interface

The power supply circuit of the phone

PP_BATT_VCC – primary power supply chain. The voltage of this circuit is 3.8-4.2 Volts. This circuit is “formed” when the battery is connected to the connector on the system Board.

PP_VCC_MAIN – secondary power supply chain. It is in this circuit that a short circuit most often occurs. The explanation is very simple – this chain has the most installed elements compared to other chains. The “secondary” voltage is also 3.8-4.2 Volts. When a short circuit occurs in PP_VCC_MAIN, for example in the iPhone 5S, the Q4 transistor heats up. It is the “warming” transistor that determines which circuit is short-circuited. And the purpose of Q4 is to connect two chains PP_BATT_VCC and PP_VCC_MAIN. For diagnostics, you can set a temporary jumper by closing contacts C3 and B3 on the contact pad Q4 of the iPhone 5S. Failure of the same transistor leads to the fact that the device is charged with a low charge current (up to 0.5 A).


Zillion work is currently the best software for performing motherboard repairs and BGA soldering. In Bgacenter, ZXW is used for teaching diagnostics and circuitry.

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