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IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s are quite common models. Often, fans of this series, trying to save their money, decide to purchase a phone locked on specific foreign network or carrier. In such phones sim-cards of all operators are blocked, except “native” sim-cards (to which they are attached according to conditions of contracts for communication services) . Since they are purchased at a discounted price, their purchase is attractive because of the price. But what to do with such a phone? After all, the new SIM card of your favorite telecom operator will not work.
However, this problem has a fairly simple technical solution. A device called Turboslim will help us. Let’s see what types of devices exist:

Gevey aio 5

This is the most popular adapter model. It is suitable for unlocking smartphones that are tied to most mobile operators, and also allows you to unlock versions of communication standards such as CDMA, and GSM. It works on all widespread versions of iOS, although it requires precise settings for each instance of the device. As for the iPhone 6 model, the Gevey adapter will be able to unlock it anyway.

R-sim 10

This is another interesting adapter model. It will help to unlock the phone with virtually no change in the quality of the received radio signal, and it also allows you to easily reconfigure it, for example, when the device is updated to the next version of iOS software. It helps to achieve efficient communication of smartphones tied to the operator in most cases.

R-sim 10+

This version is available since 2015 and is designed to unblock locked iPhones with iOS version 9. It also allows in most cases to avoid the locking of the smartphone to the operator.

R-sim 11+

This solution has been available since 2017. It is intended for a specific version of device iOS 10. In the autumn of the same year, for technical reasons (Apple made changes to the activation procedure), it ceased to provide the functionality of its main function.Now this version is irrelevant.

R-sim 12

At the end of 2017, a new version of the R-sim adapter was released. It works with iOS version 11 and it copes with unlocking bindings to any communication provider. This R-sim is recognized as the best.

Gevey AIO 6

The spring of 2017 brought us this unique creation of engineers. This Gevey product has earned the title of best among Apple smartphone owners. The years of its use have proven its effectiveness.

Gevey AIO 7

This new version of the adapter from Gevey has been available since the summer of 2018. It gives good results in solving the iPhone unlock problem.

R-sim 13

Shortly before the winter season of last year (2018), it was launched on the market. This version of the adapter is still being tested. There are some comments on his work. But there are also useful advantages.

More about R-SIM 12

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular technical solution – R-sim 12. This model has been available for almost two years (since December 2017). Its purpose is to unlock the IPhone working on iOS 12-th version.

This chip can work with the following models of “Apple” smartphones:


– iPhone Xs max

– iPhone Xr

– iPhone Xs

– iPhone X

– iPhone 8+

– iPhone 8

– iPhone 7+

– iPhone 7

– iPhone SE

– iPhone 6s+

– iPhone 6s

– iPhone 6+

– iPhone 6

– iPhone 5s

If your smartphone has a “SIM card is invalid” problem, then this solution is guaranteed to work for you.

It can unlock all the cellular providers of the whole planet. Among them are the most famous in the world: ATT, SoftBank, T-mobile, MTN group, DOCOMO, Sprint, Vodafone, Orange, Bell Telecom, VimpelCom Group, O2, Telenor, China Telecom and a huge number of others.

IOS platforms with which r-sim 12 works successfully:

– 12.3

– 12.3.1

*Only these versions. Be careful.

R-SIM 12 installation and configuration: replacement method of ICCID


– remove the SIM card tray from the device
– install the adapter in the SIM card tray so that the R-SIM contacts look towards the SIM card

Адаптер в лотке сим карты
Адаптер в лотке сим карты

– put the card of the necessary operator in the slot for the SIM card

Паз для сим карты
Паз для сим карты

– insert the assembled structure into the SIM-card slot
– the R-SIM setup menu will appear on the screen

Setup menu
Setup menu

We transfer to the device a fake unique serial number of the SIM card (ICCID) using the R-SIM adapter. The essence of this method is to let the phone “think” that a SIM card of the “native” operator is installed in it. This method is the most effective.

– for this, select the item ‘Edit ICCID” from the menu that appears

Пункт Edit ICCID
Пункт Edit ICCID

– the device will prompt you to enter the number in the input field. We enter the new serial number of the SIM card, send it by tap on the button and reboot the device.

серийный номер сим карты
Серийный номер сим карты

After activation, the smartphone will work without any restrictions. However, for technical reasons, it is necessary that the adapter is constantly in the device. Apple struggles with such substitutions and, from time to time, blocks the numbers used for activation in the adapter. The smartphone continues to function normally. But until the first reset. After which it will have to be activated again.

You may receive an activation error message on earlier versions of iOS. This problem has stable solutions. You can update the device OS to version 12.3.1. Or if an earlier version of the adapter is used on OS version 12.3, in this case you can install it in another smartphone on ios 12.2 or earlier, then configure R-SIM there, install it in the source device. Now you can activate the phone. Or insert into any activated iPhone, even on ios 12.3, edit the serial number of the SIM card in the adapter. The result is similar.

R-SIM 12 installation and configuration: IMSI replacement method

The second way to unlock iPhone using R-SIM. It helps when the ICCID is banned and there are no new serial cards for SIM cards yet. This is used as a temporary solution.

We select the desired operator from the menu, or if it is not there, we ourselves enter the new international mobile subscriber identifier (IMSI), namely the part that contains the country code and operator code.

Финальный этап
Финальный этап

Then select AUTO MODE2, if it does not activate then try AUTO MODE1.

And the final stage:

Then restart the device and activate it.

For Iphone 6s / 6s + models, select 6S / 6SP / SE Unlock from the list of modes. Accept – Reboot.

*  For a more complete understanding of the features of this method of unlocking and to avoid unsuccessful attempts, we recommend that you read the next chapter of this article: “The message“ SIM card is invalid ”and the reasons for its appearance”.

Затем настраиваем адаптер на режим TMSI.2G/3G/4G


The message ” SIM card is invalid ” and the reasons for its appearance

Let’s look at 3 variants of the situation that lead to the message about an invalid SIM card:

1) The smartphone was originally locked to the operator. And it was unlocked in an unofficial way. After a reset, such a device will be blocked again. The following happened: the smartphone was again in the initial state of binding to the communication provider. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to determine the “native” operator. This can be found out by knowing the IMEI device. There are various services for determining operator binding using the IMEI code. The unlocking method through contacting Apple support or using the R-SIM adapter will depend on this.

2) The next reason is directly related to the use of R-SIM or Gevey chips in combination with the unlock method through the substitution of ICCID numbers. Some people saw this as a method of cheating customers and began to mount chips from these adapters directly inside the phone, replacing the receiver interface of the SIM card. Such a phone is easily issued for the device without being tied to the operator. A phone with a problematic binding is bought (naturally, it costs much less) a chip is soldered and voila – it is sold as an original for a full price. There are a huge number of these situations in the Russian Federation and most do not know that they were deceived. And they would not know if Apple did not block the popular serial numbers of SIM cards. Smartphones still worked as expected. Until the first reset or OS update of the device. In this case, if you insert another SIM card, the handset will inform you that the SIM card is invalid and iPhone activation does not work.

3) Another option uses software flaws on activation servers. It works as follows: the smartphone is activated using the same R-SIM and if the adapter is removed, the device continued to work as activated until the first reset. From 04/02/2019 through the efforts of Apple, this trick no longer works.

There are recipes for determining a soldered chip in a device.
Insert any other SIM card into the smartphone, then lock the screen and unlock again. The bottom right will be the “i” button. click and find the ICCID – a 20-digit number.

The most popular ICCID numbers (in fact there are hundreds, are given as an example):







If you see them, then a chip is guaranteed to be installed in this device. When you insert the adapter into such a device in the SIM card tray, the smartphone will refuse to work with the SIM card and will not pass activation. If this is the case, then you need to open the device, find it and remove it, restoring the original connection with the contact areal receiver of the SIM card and the filling of the device before installing the R-SIM in the regular SIM card tray.

Here are the cases of soldering in the illustrations:

, How to unlock an iPhone
, How to unlock an iPhone
, How to unlock an iPhone
, How to unlock an iPhone


In order to choose the right adapter that can work as it should and that the iPhone unlock was successful – you just need to know which mobile service provider your smartphone is tied to and iPhone model. After completing training at the bgacenter training center, you will be able to choose the right adapter that will guarantee the device’s communication.

It is important to know that all the operations for unlocking the iPhone you perform “on your own responsibility.” The material in this article is for informational purposes and is not an exhaustive guide to the use of R-SIM adapters.

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