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Курсы Bgacenter

Start 27 February

Laptop Repair Training

Laptop diagnostics, multimeter measurements, oscilloscope – troubleshooting, laptop soldering

30% discount
Start 6 March

Soldering training

Board diagnostics, circuit reading, soldering of bga chips, cleaning of the compound, restoration of nickels and tracks

30% discount
Start 18 December

Курсы мастеров по ремонту кофемашин

Обучение мастеров ремонту кофемашин различных типов, в сервисном центре. На занятиях особое внимание уделяется ремонту плат управления кофемашин.

Start 27 February

Phone Repair Training

Replacement of battery, display, cables, phone and tablet cases. iOS and Android firmware. Basics of BGA soldering

Start 18 December

Курс пайки

Практические занятия по пайке подойдут для начинающих. Пройдя этот курс вы научитесь паять любые электронные устройства.

Start 18 December

Пайка на ИК станции

Очное обучение технологии пайки с применением инфракрасной паяльной станции. За время обучения пайке на ИК станции, вы научитесь самостоятельно паять микросхемы в различных корпусах.


Почему мы?

Обучение и стажировка в сервисном центре

Starting from day 1, you immediately start practicing. Much faster you will learn both diagnostics and circuit design and soldering of boards, studying in an existing service center

Трудоустройство в сервисные центры

Upon successful completion of training and passed qualification exams, you will be able to find a job in an electronics repair service center. Applications from which are constantly received by Bgacenter
Компенсация обучения

Возврат 13% налога за обучение

After completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training

Лицензированное обучение

Bgacenter is the official training center for phone repair, diagnostics and BGA soldering. We issue documents on education

Работаем с юридическими лицами

You can pay for the training of your employees by bank transfer. And get the relevant accounting documents

Бесплатная поддержка и сопровождение

Upon completion of the training, you can always apply for a free consultation at the training center. Different communication options allow you to do this quickly

Возможность работать в другой стране

There are English-speaking teachers. We also issue educational documents in English

Обучение подростков
от 14 лет

Bgacenter teachers have not only special, but also pedagogical education. Quite often we have courses for schoolchildren and students

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Благодарственные письма

Благодарственное письмо Костин

Курсы по ремонту электроники в действующем сервисном центре

Electronics repair courses

Обучаем уже более 8 лет

We are a licensed training center, we are engaged in professional training of specialists in phone repair, diagnostics, circuit engineering and soldering of bga motherboards of phones and laptops.

The School of Electronics operates on the basis of License No. 2876 for educational activities.

We train not only beginners, but also already working masters who want to master all the necessary knowledge to work in this field.

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Training in repairing iPhone motherboards


BGA Reballing Training


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