Replacement of battery, display, ribbon cables of phones and tablets. IOS and Android firmware. Basics of BGA soldering.


Diagnostics of a board, reading of schemes, soldering of bga chips, cleaning of a compound, restoration of nickels and tracks.


Laptop diagnostics, multimeter measurements, oscilloscope, troubleshooting, soldering laptops


Selection of equipment and consumables, inspection and purchase of displays, IPS and Super Amoled displays replacement.


Head of service center
Professional skills:
  • Phone repair training
  • Repair phones and tablets
  • Basics of radio engineering
  • Phone repair business
Soldering and Diagnostic Engineer
Professional skills:
  • Soldering training
  • Soldering of boards and bga chips
  • Phone Board diagnostics
  • Circuit engeneering
Display recovery technician
Professional skills:
  • Display replacement training 
  • Module repair
  • Sale of equipment
  • Glass replacement
Laptop Repair Technician
Professional skills:
  • Laptop Repair Training
  • Soldering laptop boards
  • Oscilloscope Diagnostics
  • Reading schemes


Modern equipment

From a multimeter to an oscilloscope and a thermal imager. Different types of soldering stations. Board heaters and professional microscopes. Display replacement equipment.

Tax deduction, training compensation

By completing any training program at bgacenter, you can receive a tax deduction for training.

Electronics Repair Training Center

As an official educational institution, bgacenter operates under the License for the right to conduct educational activities.

Free support

Upon completion of training, you can always ask for a free consultation at a training center. Different communication options allow you to do this quickly.

Training and internship in the service center

Starting from the 1st day, you immediately begin to practice. You will learn diagnostics, circuitry and soldering of boards much faster, studying in the existing service center.

For repair service centers

When you come to study at Bgacenter, bring with you faulty phones, tablets and laptops. You will be able to repair your own or client devices.

Job opportunity

Upon successful completion of training and passed qualification exams, you can find a job in a service center for the repair of electronics. Applications from which constantly come to Bgacenter. We always have open positions from other service centers.

Bga soldering and circuit board repair training

Reading circuits and board diagnostics of any electronic devices. Dismantling and rolling microcircuits. Fundamentals of Radio Engineering and Electronics.

Reviews about the training


It was a very good course. If there were more such courses, there would be much more good masters.
I work in a big company. My responsibilities include repairing equipment for employees. After the introduction of an electronic accounting system, everyone was given tablets, and I realized that I would have to study again.
I had no problems with radio engineering, but it turned out to be useful to repeat. I realized that a lot has already been forgotten..

I always liked to deal with phones and other small electronics, so I decided to make it my profession. I tried to get a job in various services, but they either required education (for me, alas, it did not work out for a number of reasons), or the work consisted of running instead of a courier and describing the devices when receiving. In general, not what I wanted (well, the salary, respectively, too)..

Hello. I want to say thank you, but at the same time share it with those who are just thinking about whether to go to these courses.
I’ve been trying to repair laptops for three years now. In general, I always succeeded in cleaning and reinstalling. But when I came across real breakdowns in hardware, I had to give customers to my competitors. Many clients left me for this reason, and I was not happy with this situation. I had to study. I tried to learn from video lessons myself, but it didn’t work…


in the existing service center

  • You will see how the classes go,
  • Ask teachers any questions,
  • Choose a course suitable for you,
  • Make the final informed decision.