IPhone 6 Disassembly

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This article describes how to disassemble iPhone 6.


It’s practice time, and the first practical task is a complete disassembly of the iPhone 6.
Carefully watch the video on disassembling the device.
Follow the order of the layout of the screws and modules of the phone.
Disassemble the device on the silicone mat.
Use the magnetic pad for layout.


Разборка iPhone 6 в BgacenterРазборка iPhone 6 в Bgacenter

iPhone 6 disassembly

Turn off the phone and wait at least 30 seconds before disassembly.

With a Pentalobe screwdriver unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone that hold the display module in the case.

Install the suction Cup at the bottom of the display, but not on the Home button.

Pull the suction Cup until there is a free space (gap) between the display and the iPhone 6 case.

Then, using a plastic pick, disconnect the display module from the case. Remember about the 4 loops of the display module that are connected to the connectors on the motherboard. They need to be kept intact.

! Attention. Disconnect the battery, that is, remove the power from the Board. To do this, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws of the battery connector lock. Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard with a dielectric object.

Unscrew the 5 screws that fix display module ribbon cable. The screws are all different.

Disconnect the display cables from the motherboard by the spacer.

Put the display aside.

Further, you can go in two ways, it depends on the malfunctioning telephone being repaired:

  • display disassembly,
  • disassembling the phone case.

Let’s start with the display.

Dismantle the Home button. Remember about the button ribbon cable, which is better to keep intact.

Use tweezers.

Disable the front camera. To do this, unscrew the 3 screws holding the lock of the front camera with a Phillips screwdriver. Disconnect the connector of the front camera ribbon cable with an anti-static metallic crowbar. Put the ribbon cable aside.

Front camera ribbon cable of iPhone 6 looks like this:

What components are located on the iPhone 6 cables, see here:

Unscrew the screws holding the shield plate.

The display module is completely disassembled.

Next, we proceed to disassemble the phone case.

We remove the battery by pulling on the silicone tab.

Put the battery aside.

! Never pierce the battery with a sharp object. Fire or explosion may occur.

Dismantle the main camera with tweezers, having previously unscrewed the lock screws. Disconnect the main camera ribbon cable connector from the iPhone 6 motherboard with a anti-static metallic crowbar.

Unscrew the 2 screws holding the ribbon cables of the volume buttons and the power button with a Phillips screwdriver.

Unscrew the 5 screws holding the GPS antenna.

If you do everything in accordance with this checklist, the phone’s motherboard can be easily removed from the case. If starting to pull out the board, you start making efforts, stop and carefully look again at the places where the board is attached to the case.

Dismantle the vibromotor. Before this, unscrew the 2 screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the polyphonic speaker.

We turn off the screws holding the charging and synchronization cable in the phone case. Take out the ribbon cable from the iPhone 6.

Disconnect the power button ribbon cable.

Disconnect the volume buttons ribbon cable.

This is how the completely disassembled iPhone 6 looks.

Now you can start assembling the phone.

iPhone 6 assembling

The iPhone 6 is assembled in the reverse order.

Tools for repair

Pentalobe Screwdriver

Sucker cup

Guitar picks and a plastic spatula


Silicone Mat

Magnetic Mat

Masking tape



Be careful when replacing the case. Follow the instructions in the video. Do not mix the screws. The estimated time to replace the iPhone 6 case is 40 minutes.

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