iPhone 6S disassembly

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In order to disassemble and assemble the iPhone 6s, so that additional malfunctions do not appear,
Use the checklist compiled by bgacenter teachers.

We disassemble the iPhone 6S. In order to disassemble, assemble, replace the case or perform any modular repair, you need to know the sequence of disassembling and assembling the phone.

Tools for repair

IPhone 6S repair tools:

  • Pentalobe 0.8 screwdriver,
  • 1.5 Phillips screwdriver,
  • suction cup,
  • guitar pick,
  • antistatic blade,
  • hot air soldering station or separator,
  • silicone mat,
  • magnetic mat,
  • tweezers
  • 3M double sided tape

iPhone 6S disassembly

Unscrew the 2 Pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone
 Then we lift the display module out of the phone case using a suction cup.
Поднятие дисплея 6S в bgacenterUsing a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the metal plate securing the battery connector.
 We disconnect the battery with a dielectric object, thereby de-energizing the phone’s motherboard.
 Disconnect the display module cables from the motherboard with an anti-static metallic crowbar.  Set the display module aside for further disassembly.
 Remove the metal clip of the front camera with tweezers.
 Disconnect the front camera flex ribbon cable.

       Remove the Home button with tweezers.

 This is how the Home button looks like:

 With tweezers, we pull out the tactile response mechanism of the Taptic Engine from the body, having previously unscrewed 2 screws.

 Pulling the tabs of elastic tape, release the battery

 Remove the main camera with tweezers

 This is how the main camera looks, separated from the body:
 Unscrew the screw using a specialized wrench (pliers can be used).

 Remove the Wi-Fi antenna with tweezers, having previously unscrewed 5 screws.
 Remove the iPhone 6S motherboard from the case and remove the SIM tray firstly.
 Remove the speaker and coaxial cable.
 Remove the charging dock port bottom ribbon cable., iPhone 6S disassemblyThis is how the iPhone 6S charging dock port and sync ribbon flex cable looks like:, iPhone 6S disassemblyUsing a screwdriver, unscrew the screws that hold the power button and the power button., iPhone 6S disassemblyRemove the power button from the phone with tweezers., iPhone 6S disassembly

iPhone 6S assembly

The assembly of the iPhone 6S is carried out in the reverse order.


iPhone 6S is one of the most reliable iPhone models. Most often, iPhone 6S is brought to a service center for repairing the motherboard. We study the repair of the iPhone 6 to X boards during the soldering training.

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