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How to choose a microscope for bga soldering

How to select equipment for the service center. Recommendations of bgacenter technicians.

When repairing phones, tablets and laptops, you have to deal with miniature elements on the device boards. And you can not do it without a good microscope. You also need to take into account vision care and ease of use. Experienced technicians of the bgacenter training center have gathered their recommendations how to choose a microscope in this article.

How to choose a microscope for bga soldering

The most popular microscope models from phone repair technicians: СМ0745 (Альтами) S4e/s6e (Leica) SZ4045 (Olympus) MBS-10 (OJSC LZOS) SMZ-645 (NICON)

Recommendations for choosing a microscope

An article on the bgacenter partner company website.

Comparison of MBS-10 and Altami SM0745

What to look for when choosing a microscope:

  • Desktop shape
  • Working distance
  • Options and choice of accessories
  • Microscope price


Not only the speed of repair, but also the quality of the work performed depends on the correct choice of optics for repairing the motherboard of phones, tablets and laptops. After all, cheap Chinese microscopes with plastic lenses can very badly damage your eyesight. A soldering microscope is one of the most necessary devices from the entire list of equipment of any service center dealing with electronics repair. In the bgacenter training center, masters will tell you what equipment to choose for comfortable and high-quality work. We do not forget our students and strongly support them even after graduation.


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