Choosing the best hotel for our students

Engineers and craftsmen from different cities of Russia are regularly trained at Bgacenter.

Therefore, we are well aware of the problems they face when choosing a suitable housing. In most cases, this is:

  • an unfortunate location on the outskirts of the city — it can easily take 2-3 hours a day to get to school;
  • lack of comfortable conditions — without knowing the specifics of different areas of the city, you can face an undeveloped infrastructure and poor environment;
  • security of residence: includes many aspects, including the risk of fraudulent actions on the part of landlords and possible marginal neighbors;
  • too high a price — offers aimed at tourists are often several times more expensive than similar options that are known to local residents.

Sometimes we are told about hotel rooms or rented apartments that have managed to combine all these disadvantages. We, in turn, strive to ensure that nothing distracts students from their classes. Therefore, we can recommend the guest house “Friends on the Haymarket”, located on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal.

Размещение студентов

When choosing a place for temporary residence that can be safely recommended to students, we were looking for a hotel that meets several mandatory criteria:

  • the accommodation is located within walking distance from Bgacenter;
  • it is quiet, calm and comfortable;
  • nearby are the main attractions of the city, the Sadovaya metro station, large shopping centers;
  • the owner strictly monitors the order and security on the territory;
  • the cost of living is lower than the average in St. Petersburg.

The result of our search was a long-term cooperation of the training center with the hotel “Friends on the Haymarket”. This guest house fully meets all the criteria listed above. The road from the hotel to our classrooms takes 2-3 minutes. The Hermitage, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress can be reached in 15-30 minutes on foot. In addition, Sennaya Square is the historical center of the city, where there are many museums and theaters, restaurants and cafes.

Выбираем лучший отель для проживания студентов Bgacenter

From the point of view of service, comfort and safety, the hotel also does not cause any complaints. The apartments are clean, comfortable, have free Wi-fi, an equipped kitchen and a living area for gatherings. The main guests of the hotel are students, students of various courses, tourists. All the points that we write about are checked by us personally. You can safely book a room here, “Friends on the Haymarket” is an ideal place for a short stay.

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