Phone Repair and Motherboard Soldering Training

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What do the training program consist of?

Training programs have been improving for over 6 years, as much as a training center exists. And this is an ongoing process. Classes consist of 90% practice and 90% theory. The theory includes everything that concerns acceptance, diagnostics, circuitry and reading circuits.

What equipment is used fot training purposes?

Bgacenter uses the most advanced equipment for training on phone repair, diagnostics and bga soldering. You will have the opportunity to work on different types of soldering stations: from budget to high-end. You will learn how to diagnose electronic circuit board faults with an oscilloscope and thermal imager.

Do you offer discounts?

You can always take advantage of discounts when studying for two or more programs. You can find out more by calling the administrator of the training center or by visiting a free trial lesson.

Do you issue a certificate?

Yes, we issue an official certificate of education. A certificate will be a great advantage in finding employment in a service center. If you are the owner of a service center, then having an official document will be your advantage over other service centers.

Выдаете сертификат?

Свидетельство – документ об образовании и является преимуществом при трудоустройстве в сервисный центр. Если Вы владелец сервисного центра – то наличие официального документа будет Вашим преимуществом перед другими сервисными центрами и отстройкой от конкурентов.

How many years have you been teaching?

The training center has existed since 2014. We are already 6 years old. We are constantly improving the quality of training by purchasing new and modern equipment, improving training programs. We are ready to offer you the most professional training in any of the programs.

Do you provide accommodation?

If you are from another region, we will help you to choose a hotel or hostel to stay at the time of training. And all the proposed options are within walking distance from the training center, with a convenient location.

Do you have a training license?

We are not only a service center, but also an educational institution. We provide educational trainings on the basis of License No. 2876 dated April 11, 2017. Вgacenter has developed and implemented an effective training system that helps to acquire a large amount of knowledge in a short time. The training system consists of a training program, daily homework, certification tests, and a large number of practical exercises in the service center.

Do you help with employment?

Owners and managers of service centers apply to Bgacenter when they are recruiting: mobile repair technician or service center administrator. There is almost always a possibility of employment in the service centers of Saint Petersburg upon completion of training and successful certification.

Do you provide any support after training?

There are free classes for Bgacenter graduates. We conduct a free lesson at the training center periodically, usually twice a month. The dates of classes are displayed in the VK group or Facebook. And you can always contact the teachers in order to ask your questions.

Where are classes held?

From the first day, classes are held in the existing service center. You will learn how to perform diagnostics and repairs on client devices.

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