Repair of iPhone phones

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iPhone repair

Phone repair is an exciting and financially attractive activity. Having mastered the diagnostics and repair of the iphone, You or Your child will be able to earn money in any city and in any country in any case.

iPhone 5S repair

The iPhone 5S camera doesn’t work

Cameras in the iphone 5S (from experience) most often “break” along the line with the highest voltage of 2.85 V. That is, when diagnosing, in this line, first of all, take measurements. And in order to perform diagnostics of camera power circuits, you need to enable the Camera app.

The 5s display doesn’t work

The backlight display module. The correct line of the iPhone 5S backlight anode should have 11 Volts.

iPhone 6 repair

Visual inspection of the iPhone 6 Board after water. Clearly visible traces of corrosion.

IPhone 6-getting wet

IPhone 6-getting wet

iPhone 6S repair

To work with the replaced Wi-Fi chip, you need to solder NAND Flash and perform Wi-Fi unblocking.

No network iPhone 6S

If you bring a phone with a fault “No network” / “No SIM card” and the inscription at the top of the screen changes periodically, most often you need to replace the u5411_rf chip.

iPhone 7 repair

COM iPhone 7 receives power from the main power controller PMU, U1801.


iPhone 8 repair

The CAM phone 8 receives power from the camera MU, U3700 camera power controller.

Repair iPhone 8 plus

iPhone 8 corrosion on the Board

iPhone 8 corrosion on the Board

Repair iPhone Kharkiv

No network iPhone 10

If there is no network in the iPhone X, the following repairs are performed: splitting the halves of the soldered Board and replacing the bottom part.


Phone repair – you can learn by studying two programs in Bgacenter:

  1. Phone repair training
  2. Soldering training
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