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Educational program
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Training program

The purpose of training in diagnostics and bga soldering is to teach how to perform basic repairs on the motherboards of phones and tablets, which are most often required to be repaired. Practical exercises are carried out with the use of serviceable components of devices and using professional equipment.

Equipment, tools and consumables for diagnostics and bga soldering

Soldering equipment.

Types of thermal air soldering stations.

Thermocouple calibration and soldering station tuning.

Principal differences of soldering stations.

The applicability of nozzles for thermoair soldering stations, depending on the repair type.

“The right temperature” when unsoldering the chip that mounted on the board on lead-free solder.

Types of soldering irons: ceramic and induction. Manufacturers of soldering equipment. Types and applicability of tips when using soldering irons.

Induction soldering systems (METCAL PS-900, Quick-202d and others).

Maintenance of thermal air and induction soldering stations.

Printed circuit heaters, types and manufacturers (Thermopro and pppd 120). Applicability to repair.

Microscope for soldering. Manufacturers of optics for the repair of printed circuit boards of phones and tablets. The main characteristics of microscopes. Recommendations for the acquisition. Service maintenance of microscopes.

Laboratory power supply.

IPower Pro Diagnostic Cable and iPhone Test Cable (iBridge).

Measuring equipment for diagnostics and troubleshooting on the printed circuit board.

Which multimeter to choose.

Oscilloscope for the repair of electronics, advice on choosing.

CMD tester.

IPhone programmer – ip box, WL-PCIE NAND flash programmer, JC Pro1000S multi-function programmer.

Soldering tools.

PCB holders.

Mechanical tools: tweezers, pullers, paddles, probes, knives for removing compounds.

Consumables for soldering.

Copper braid for removing solder.

Solder flux, types (washable and indelible).

Pasta bga what types happens and what are the differences. Types of solders.

Balls bga 0,2 mm.

Stencils for bga soldering. 3d stencils. Manufacturers of high-quality stencils. The choice of stencils for mounting BGA chips.

Cleaner for flux and other soldering waste from printed circuit boards.

Alloy Rosa to lower the melting point of solder.

Proven suppliers of equipment, tools and consumables for the repair of electronic devices.

Circuit design and circuits reading

Mandatory section of the training program – the basics of radio engineering.

In bgacenter, masters with different initial levels of knowledge in electronics come to the courses on soldering.

Therefore, let’s start with the basics. Recall Ohm’s Law for a section of a chain and for a complete chain. In practice, we will master the applicability, for the repair of electronics, the laws of Kirchhoff.

Conditional graphic and letter designations of radio components on the electronic device board.

Purpose and principle of operation of radio components: capacitor, filter, resistor, transistor, inductance coil, diode.

The components of the motherboard phone and tablet. Location of chips and radio components on the board.

Designation of connectors and their purpose.

We will learn how to read electronic circuits, abbreviations and designation of parts on the board.

We will learn how to work with Zillion X Work and wu xin ji.

Work with single-line schematics in PDF format and Pads Router, and BlackFish.

Determination of the relationship between the chips and the radio components on the board, and their location.

What are the components of the charge circuit device. The principle of operation of the charge circuit phone. Methods of diagnosis of charge circuits using a multimeter and/or laboratory power supply.

IPhone power circuit, primary and secondary. Power supply faults. Interface bus I2C.

The study of circuitry by example:

– charge circuit;

– Tigris;

– short circuit in the primary and secondary power circuits;

– backlight unit;

– flashlight flash driver;

– power controller display and touch panel;

– touchscreen controllers;

– middle contact;

– power supply of the main and front cameras;

– NAND Flash and PCIE Express;

– audio codec and audio amplifier;

– Wi–Fi and Bluetooth;

– modem and modem power controller;

– CPU.

Diagnosis of faults on the board

A visual inspection of the board for the presence of damaged or missing elements, oxides, “overheated” chip.

Connection of the board to an external power source – laboratory power supply.

Short turn on the board using iPower Pro.

Determine the presence of a short circuit in the board using a laboratory power supply and a multimeter.

Measurements of voltages in the primary and secondary power circuits on the TestPoint.

Measurements of resistances and voltage drops, diode dialing. Comparison of measurements testimony with the “donor” circuit board.

Diagnostics of the charge circuit by connecting to a laboratory power supply (LPS). Short-term launch of the phone from the LPS. Check for “low” voltage in the charge circuit.

Installing a bypass circuit for troubleshooting the iPhone board.

Phone faults and the sequence of diagnostics on the example of repairs:

– does not turn on or “apple restart”;

– not charging or false charge;

– not recognized by the PC;

– search and elimination of short circuits, by various methods;

– there is no backlight;

– no picture on the screen;

– the touchscreen does not work completely or partially;

– one or both cameras do not work, including a flashlight;

– Home button does not work;

– no sound;

– the flashlight does not work;

– there is no standby voltage on the power button;

– does not recognize the SIM card;

– “gray” Wi–Fi indicator or weak Wi–Fi signal;

– does not detect the cellular network or in the network search state;

– LTE does not work;

– activation failure, increase in memory of iPhone and iPad;

– iTunes 4013, 9, 4014, -1 errors;

– “overheated” CPU.

Chip removing

Setting up the microscope for visual inspection of the board.

Inspection of the board and determination of the presence of the compound under and around the perimeter of the chip.

Installing the phone’s motherboard in a specialized holder.

Use of heat sinks when removing chips from the board.

Set the temperature and air flow for soldering radio components. Calibrate a hot air soldering station using a thermocouple.

Selection and preparation of hand tools (tweezers, puller) to remove the chip.

The difference in soldering between lead and lead free solders.

Removing NAND Flash, Baseband, Wi – Fi, CPU using a PCB heater. Compliance with the correct technology of heating the PCB.

Removing of the chip by induction soldering station.

In what cases is used a soldering station for soldering bga chips.

Method of removing the chip from the board with a drop of solder:

– charge control chip – Tristar (U2),

– sensor control chip,

– audio codec,

– main power controller,

– display power controller,

– display backlight driver,

– modem power controller,

– connectors for connecting the display, touchscreen, main and front cameras, Home button.

How to avoid damage to the contact pads when soldering BGA.

Restoration of adjacent bga chip connections.

How to properly prepare the contact pad for subsequent soldering.

Checking the contact pads using a multimeter for the presence of a short circuit or breaks in the conductors or the partial separation of the chip from board.

Soldering bga chips on the board

Preparation of the contact pads. Collecting solder by copper braid and soldering iron.

Restoration of damaged contacts and conductive tracks on the smartphone and tablet PCB.

Chip preparation for reball (roll). Cleaning chip surface from solder and compound.

Gray contacts pads – what to do with them.

The select of stencil for bga soldering.

Methods of fast positioning of the matrix relative to chip.

Putting bga paste or tin-lead balls on the stencil.

Selection of the correct temperature and air flow during knurling.

Restoration of damaged contacts on the surface of the chip.

How to safely remove the chip from the stencil.

The final formation of contacts in the bga paste reball.

Key Definition on Chip Case

Applying the required amount of indelible flux to the contact pad.

Correct positioning on the contact pad.

Methods of restoring or replacing (after moisture) of adjacent bga chip connections.

Required air flow and temperature when soldering bga chips.

Diagnostics phone card, after soldering using a laboratory power supply.

Work with compound

Types of compound and its purpose.

How to determine the “overheated” chip on the compound, by a visual inspection of the board.

Proper preparation of bga chips for soldering from the board.

The use of a PCB heater when unsolding chip from PCB with compound.

Learn how to prevent overheating of adjacent elements during soldering.

Use of heat removing elements for safe soldering.

How to remove the compound from the contact pads and chip without damaging the mask.

Determination of the moment of removing the chip from the board, in order to avoid damage to the contact pads.

Ways to restore a damaged mask.

Result of training in the soldering and diagnostics


Результат обучения пайке

During the study of bga soldering you will learn to do independently:

– select and calibrate equipment and tools for bga soldering;

– diagnose electronic device boards for malfunctions;

– perform “complex” repairs of phones and tablets;

– you can open your own service center.

BGACENTER soldering training

Sign up now and learn how

to diagnose and repair circuit boards for 27,900 rubles

Regular tuition cost: 34900 rubles

Beginning of training

on November 11

8 days of practice

Small groups up to 4 people


What do you get while studying at the bgacenter training center



Practical training programs for repairing phones and bga soldering are agreed with the Education Committee

обучение ремонту телефонов


We are trusted by the heads of service centers, and they are happy to hire our graduates to work.

обучение ремонту телефонов

Individual approach

Training in small groups of up to 4 people allows the teacher to pay attention to each future master

обучение ремонту телефонов

Professional equipment

Training bga soldering on professional equipment at the service center



BGACENTER is an official training center: we have license No. 2876 which gives the right to train masters


Practicing teachers

Our teachers are current employees of the service center for repairing Apple technics. Perekatka.ru



After successful training, graduates receive an official document on additional education.


Support after training

We answer all questions in the private chat VKontakte. We provide free additional classes for graduates

Reviews - bga soldering courses

Курсы по пайке микросхем

Обучение пайке BGA

BGACENTER coachers

Максим Исаев




The head of the service center. Over 8 years of management experience.

Александр Петряев




Service engineer for repairing Apple technics. Over 7 years experience in iPhone and iPad repair

Михаил Исаев




Master at Service Center for repairing equipment Apple. Over 5 years experience in iPhone and iPad repair

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